Festival Of Friends

All About Festival Of Friends Celebration

The festival of friends is an annular celebrated festival that is celebrated for three days during the summer season and this music festival is held initially in Gage park in Hamilton Ontario and this festival is celebrated on the first week of August

festival of friends
festival of friends

initially this festival of friends was started in the year 1976 by a well known artist called as bill Powell this festival was celebrated as an independent clock festival in this park and they were also many performance held during this festival and there were also several performers which was held during the inauguration of this festival which also included various people from all over the world as a chief guests in its first year of celebrating this friend festival and

later on we see that this festival also partnered with all the neighbouring delta theatre which has been hosted for free screenings of Canadian films and they were also a use concerts that where held on this festival day with all well as marathon and this festival concert started from mid night until the day break this festival takes place and celebrated for three days

and it has been captured in the film documentary about celebrating this friend festival we find that over the next 35 years this festival still continued to be celebrated annually at the same get fak and it also involved and showcase many talents of arts and music also featuring musicians crafters and they also arranged food from all across the globe and they were also Canadian singers and

also songwriters which were available to celebrate this festival over the year the great singers where Bruce Cockburn ke Whitney and various other famous singers which has been there in the band shell for celebrating this festival and in the year 2017 this festival was sole focus on Canadian musicians who was one of the international musician and

they will also international musical acts that also added up to the the concert to the lineups like John Sebastian Leon redbone and Eric burdon all these where great musicians were present on this day to celebrate this musical festival and after the 25 years of a director who is known as Powell got retired in the year 2000 and later on his wife directed all the events and

until Loren Lieberman became the director of this concert or event in the year 2002 and later he served his retirement in 2016 and from 2011 to 2016 in January this festival of friends has announced that it would be moving from its historic home which day initially celebrated all the historical events and concert in Gage park to the Ancaster fair grounds

another particular time Lieberman and the City counselor letter stated that the festival had simply outgrown the park and it wants a more place from moving from this gauge park and were sharply criticized by the director of this festival
during the first year of its new launching, the location was new and was marred by parking headaches and traffic gridlock

and then in 2012, the festival was held for three days and there was heavy rainfall on this day but labor man insisted that there were no plans to move this festival to the same or old Pak to celebrate this festival again in the old park for few months but later on it changes the City hall and have made it possible for all the festival of friends to negotiate solution too many of its consensus and they also made some of the requirements during the exits and during this festival,

many people who you welcome the guest and written to all the people felt that Ancaster location was too out of the way this festival of friends will be celebrated at the weekends and this festival also includes 25 to 30 musical acts that can be performed on two stages and the main stage of this festival will be celebrating the musical ATS from 11 p.m. daily and the second stage will run from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday many features have involved in this event like craft and food vendors and also a beer garden and midway rights

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