Festival Express- The Movie

festival express is a documentary film which has been launched in 2003 this film is all about the 1972 train tour of the same name across Canada which was taken by some of the North Americans most popular rock bands and this also includes grateful dead Janis Joplin the band buddy guy flying burritos Bros Sylvia and many more

Shooting of Festival Express:

festival express also has the footage of the 1970 concerts that were held on the strength and there is also and interspersed which some of the contemporary recollection that was done on the tour by all its participants was later released by think film which was produced by Gavin Poolman who was the original son of 1970 film shoot producer who was known as William Poolman and together with John Chapman an also with the director of double Grammy award winner who is a Bob Smeaton with other music produced by Eddy Kramer of

and also featuring the original footage that was shot in 1970 by the people of academy award-winning cinematographer who was Peter bilious and later on by working with all the people of past and also present combined they released this festival express which was followed in the year 2003 as a theatrical run

this festival express was also staged in three most cities of Canada like Toronto to Winnipeg and Calgary which was done during the summer of 1970 but rather than flying from all these City the musician who traveled by charted Canadian National railway train with at least a total of 14 cars which included two engines one Diana 5 sleeper and to lounge cars it also included two flat cars one baggage car and one staff car

then the journey became non stop between the two ultimate cities which became a combination of nonstop jam sessions and also party fuelled by alcohol and the most common highlight of this movie was documentary is a drunken jam session which was featuring the band’s Rick Danko and also the brand the grateful dead Jerry Garcia

during the making of this film festival express the Montreal event what’s canceled for few weeks before they could schedule the date of Lucien Saulnier who was the chairman of the city and he was also an executive committee member and the celebration and various other concert was about a deleted security force and the potential for violence buses were run from Montreal to the Toronto festival express stop

and they were also Montreal tickets that were honored in Toronto and Pacific National exhibition in a stadium where they could not be secure as they will schedule to have artificial turf which was installed shortly before the scheduled event was been there and there was also a concern about damage to the turf for the event

thankfully the ultimate to Vigyan in Toronto at the grandstand of CNE they almost objected to what they have viewed as exploitation by the promoters who are charging $14 for each ticket and the opposition was also organized by the may for fourth movement and the leftist rebel group and they grow out of the may 4th on 1970 for state shootings and letter on the also attempted to crash the gates

and then scale the fence and they also clashed with police later on this resulted for injuries to both protector as well as a policeman to help the crowd as well as police to stay calm metro police inspector who is known as water magahay asked the promoters to lower the rate of ticket prices and this would make the promoters to leave unable to visit the musician and the advice of this metro police inspector was good enough all the instrumental referring down and the crowd was arranging spontaneously free forest service

the concert started in nearby coronation and park upon the flatbed truck at 7 p.m. on June 27 and announce that most of the thickness of the fans was dispersed crude coronation park and the found that initially the attendance of the people where about 6,000 people and their bye they were solving the protest at the grandstand then ended at 12:30 a.m. and another 6000 fans were attending the park for the remainder of the free concert which was lasted until about 4 a.m. on June 28.

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