Father’s Day-Gratitude to All the Father

Father’s Day-Gratitude to All the Father: Father’s day is a special day that occurs annually on 20th June. In 2021 Father’s day will be observed on Sunday that is on 20th June.

Father’s Day-Gratitude to All the Father

We as human beings love to celebrate festivals. As well as some other special days, as they are an integral part of human life. However, these Festivals and special days had become a source of enjoyment.

In this present world where people are running after money, fame, success, lime-light, publicity, and many more. Celebrations of festivals had become very important.

Since festivals, some-how brings people close to each other. Also, it helps to improve the bond between them as well. It gives a deep sense of relief after the hectic life. And schedule as people get the time to enjoy themselves with their loved ones.

Why should we celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s day is not a festival, but it is a special day that spreads happiness, joy, excitement, and a lot more as-well.

Father and Mother both are very important in the development of the personality of a child. In this world, there are hundreds, thousands of poems, Shayaris, books, Novels, Essays Dramas, and many more that describe the love of the mother. It also describes the relationship that is shared between a child and a mother.

But somehow, there is very less work that describes the love, affection, and the special bond a child and a father share. Moreover, it seems that some-how this world had just ignored the sacrifices, love, and affection that a child gets from his father.

Father, it will not be wrong in calling him the real strength of the family. He is the reason behind the mother’s strength and happiness. He is the reason behind the fulfillment of all the desires of a child.

If a mother carries a child for 9 months in her womb, then the father carries both the mother and the child in his mind. However, he tries his best to meet all the requirements of his family.

The person who will be happy is his children surpass his success, fame, and glory will be the Father. Fathers sacrifice their every-thing without showing it or they will not let their family know about it.

It should not be a difficult thing to contribute a single day for this amazing person, who is not less than a superhero in the life of every child.

Celebration of Father’s Day in many countries:

Father’s Day is observed in many European Countries to honor, fatherhood, and the influence of fathers in society. It is observed by 111+ countries in this world.

The date of celebration of Father’s day may vary depending upon the countries, and the regions it is celebrated to preserve their customs and tradition that remembers their fore-fathers.

In India, Father’s day will be celebrated in June. In modern times celebrations of Father’s day began in the USA. It was first celebrated in 1910 and was founded by Sonara Smart Dodd.

This day slowly gained popularity and now a day it is celebrated in major cities of India like Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Chennai, Kanpur, Kolkata, Pune, and other major cities as well.

Some-how there is no government holiday on this day for the celebration of Father’s Day, but it is slowly gaining popularity in many Asian countries as well.

Importance of Fathers in different religion:

In the Islam religion, Father is described as the door of heaven (Jannat). It is said that Allah’s pleasure lies in the pleasure of the father.Hazrat Imam Ali (r.a.) had said that the right of your father on you is that you should know that it is the who brought you into existence, and a child is like a branch in the life of a father.

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In the Hindu religion, there is a saying PitruDevobhava, which means the father is equal to the god. All religions teach us to acknowledge the importance of a father in our existence.

Conclusion on Father’s Day-Gratitude to All the Father:

A child requires both his parents in the development of his personality. The place of the father is impeccable. He does the things without expressing them and giving them a second thought.

A father will be working towards his child’s future. He will do anything for the betterment of his child. He will bear all the pain without uttering a single word and without his family’s knowledge.

It would not be wrong if I say that having a father in our life is not less than any boon. It makes sure that there is easy functioning of his family. He always thinks of the well-being of his family members before himself.

We as humans should understand that father, as well as the mother both, is very important in the life of a child. As a child, we should fulfill our duties towards our parents.

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