Famous places to visit in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most attractive and famous places where Europe and Asia collide Turkey is transcontinental and its east-west Spice mix of influences it has great cultural and religious histories that country even more interesting Turkey is a land of sensorial richness and famous bazaars and mosque it is also famous for its food and arts it is a great place of beauty spots and it has great islands and ancient wonders to explore it has great playgrounds of Mark Antony Alexander Great Turkey is very beautiful ll place to visit


this is one of the most attractive places of Turkey it has an old Jewish quarter and coloring popping pockets bright painted stairs and streets 8 shade trees wooden houses and rainbow shades there are also used at and gallery live music venues etc

butterfly Valley

this is also one of the beautiful places for the visitors to visit because it has a spectacular view as you pass above the butterfly Valley because a jag of cove sheered out of the land colossal cliffs rising share and Kabi either side of the narrow Blue Bay fading to Turquoise at the Shore on the toenail of sand and pebble beach at the foot of it the journey of this place is possible only through board there is another beach called the beach bar which serves beer and grill fishes this is also one of the amazing places to do yoga as your yoga classes are conducted beneath the trees there is lots of greenery and waterfalls at springtime and this place is specially called as a butterfly I valley because there are hundreds of butterflies filled with species


this is one of the beautiful and remarkable places of Turkey because it has a large number of ancient sites and similar cities like Italy e and there are temples of Artemis it was originally known as the seven wonders of the world and it is one of the remarkable places with huge temples and huge Celsus library e and many other uh aah khwaish and blue Mediterranean sky


this is also one of the most interesting places for people who love fishing because it is this is the old fishing village of Kas which reminds hideaway for hippie travelers and bohu chick Turks there are plenty of beautiful sightseeing spots like traditional white houses wooden balconies against the backdrop of mountains it has delicious turquoise sea swimming traces and daybeds build over the water the most attractive place of this city is there is an underwater explosion of the city with snorkels that are seen beneath the crystal clear water


A beautiful sightseeing beach which is known as Patara beach it is one of the longest and most widely beautiful beaches in Turkey and it is on the edge of the sea there is also a wide stretch of pale sand with pine trees marshes and lagoons it is a national park for birdlife and this beach is a surrounded by water and wildlife this is one of the ancient time beaches build by Apollo sun it also includes parliament building which is underneath the beach sand

The domes of Istanbul

this is one of the best and most impressive architecture that a tourist can watch and visit it was a golden time mosque called for the Ortakoy mosque this is one of the prettiest masks that you see in Turkey which is made up of white marble and stone with pink mosaic within located at the water edge beside the Bosphorus bridge it is even more interesting to watch at the time of sunset because other time of sunset the sun looks golden light on the mask and in the morning view is also just amazing the most beautiful place of Istanbul is this beautiful mosque

Blue Lagoon

this is also an amazing view of Turkey because there is a way of turquoise water with its finger of whites and covering around it this place is very beautiful and supernaturally vibrant because the statue of this beach shows a poster child for the Turquoise coast this is one of the most amazing and impressive places to watch

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