Famous places to visit in Brazil

Brazil is one of the famous and fully occupied continents of South America it has almost Southern hemisphere and it is much tropical and it has greatest structures of rainforest filled with many plants and wildlife creatures it also has Atlantic coast with golden sand beaches and it also has various mineral resources it also has goldmines influenced by Portuguese that is called colonial architecture Brazil is a beautiful spot for its tourist because it has tropical Paradise and it also has an exciting cultural destination which attracts the tourist of all test it also has various beaches and Jungle exploration art museum and many carnivals

the most famous places of Brazil are places

Cristo Redentor and Corcovado Rio de Janeiro

this is also one of the famous and best places of Brazil it encompasses with arms stretched 28 colossal Art deco statues of Christ called Cristo Redentor to overo de Janeiro and stands at the bay from the summit of Corcovado
it stands the height of 709 m height it is located at Tijuca National park it is one of the best statues of Brazil


this is also one of the most attractive places for tourists and tourists can be easily recognized this place as it is the emblem of Rio de Janeiro this is a rounded Island with the peak of sugarloaf rising 394 m above the beaches and city it is the first place for visitors to visit the the the the view of Rio and harbor it has many entertaining games like riding and cable car between sugarloaf and Morro da Urca

Iguacu falls

this is also the most attractive place of Brazil at this place there are huge waterfalls that drop from the river it has 247 waterfalls that thunder down into the Jorge below just above its waterfall there is a river this waterfalls park is a home for more than 1000 species of birds and mammals including deer and other capybaras


this is also an attractive and fashionable famous section of downtown Rio this is one of the beautiful beaches of Brazil it has a copper and is bordered all along one side by 4 km off white sand and breaking surf this beach is very attractive for the tourist as this place is separated from the buildings and another traffic by a broad promenade one of the popular playground filled with sun worshippers and swimmers


this is also one of the interesting places of Brazil this place is filled with showpieces of samba dance school sound action and the exhibit was this is not just another rowdy Street part but good spectators can see the parrots of competitive Samba dancers from various fields here the stadium is designed by its native architecture of Brazil call Oscar Niemeyer


this is also one beautiful place of Brazil that is very glorious white sans much into the just as famous beaches of Ipanema in this beaches also the hotels and restaurants and cafes art galleries cinemas are separated but this is a popular beach to visit all these places because it is all there popular social zone around this beach this is one of the favorite places for tourists especially for the families who spend Sundays as a holiday they can see live music at handicrafts and street food

Amazon rainforest

this place is one of the most attractive places for tourists you are the tourist and boat trips to visit the forest and other networks of rivers channels and lakes formed by three rivers this is also one of the best places see the natural beauty of forest the forest is flooded with all lakes and streams this is a full cross-section of the Amazon ecosystem monkey’s parrots toucans turtles and other wildlife we can see from a boat trip
this Amazon rates rainforest is 20 km southeast of Manaus

Brasilia modernist architecture

this is also one of the most attractive places of Brazil is one of the city’s main tourist attractions because this city has carved out of the wild anus and completed this architecture less than 3 years to replace Rio de Janeiro is a country’s capital this has become one of the best showpieces of the city and it also has great architecture this is the city to represent a completed plan but the single architectural concept

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