famous places of Berlin

Berlin is one of the famous cities of Germany it is also one of the largest cities of Germany it has whereas beautiful places and history-based architecture Berlin is also a center of science political culture and media its diversity encompasses the art of hundred galleries events and another museum on Museum island UNESCO World Heritage site.
there are many famous places in Berlin it invites people from all around the world to come and enjoy the history of the cultivation of human civilization

Academy of Arts

this is one of the famous places to visit in Berlin Germany e as this Academy has the great structure of Arts it was founded by king Fedrick in 1697 even though it was acquired by many historical people and was also bombarded but still, this place stands shows the best art and culture of hundred years back

Berlin Cathedral

this is one of the most attractive places in Berlin it is being located on museum Island it has one of the oldest architecture this Church exhibits more than 90 sarcophagi and tombs displaying various glamorous and political and religious moments

Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

this place is also visited by why most of the tourist as this place is a silent view of the people of Jews who lost their lives during World War 2 to by Nazi government this place has 2771 rectangular grey boxes of all those people who lost their lives and it also has all the detail about each one among them the documents of people who lost their life is also there in the information office

Jewish Museum

this place shows the history of Jewish people this was designed by one of the descendants of the family who lost their life by naziz this is also one of the famous places an attractive place that every visitor want to visit in Berlin this is one of the remarkable places that comprises of three buildings and Museum of Art the tenses about the error of Jewish settlements

Museum Island

this is also one of the most attractive places of olden days of Berlin this place has a cluster of five museums built on a Small Island called spree river this is also a great attraction for the tourist who visits this place

Brandenburg gate

after facing all the fall off country and death of many people th isus about the Symbol of Unity and peace

Charlottenburg Palace Garden

this is also one of the famous and remarkable spots and a good attraction for the tourist who visits Berlin this is the

first bark Garden in Berlin

Also, one of the ancientest gardens that period back to 1695, it emphasizes a carp corner and tumbling lawn striped with plants and trees coated in a box shape and tri-color gravel
this is one of the finest and coolest places for a family to visit with their kids and enjoy its beauty

Mauer Park

this is also one of the great attractive places for the people who visit boiling as this place is I open Canvas for street artists here you can go with your family and enjoy its beauty

tape Treptow park,

the Spree River – the composure of the water that equalizes the hustle-bustle of the city that is scrambling around it from dawn to dusk. Treptower Park parks itself just by the banks of the Spree River and serves as an ideal spot for boating, jogging, taking a stroll, or just being around. and also this is one of the great attraction for people who visit Berlin and it is one of the pleasant and beautiful sightseeing you can enjoy its beauty e as it is based on water lake sight


this is also one of the most important place in Berlin this is actually famous for its business location as this area includes 365 M of television Towers
this is one of the the tallest Tower of Berlin this city is also famous for Alexa shopping mall and time clock is also one of the great attraction of this place the tourist who visit Berlin cannot miss this place as it has good shopping malls and other attractive thinks to see

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