Famous places in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the famous tourist spot because it consists of many old and historic art and architecture monuments it attracts tourists towards its arts beauty
this city has magnificient famous temples arts and local shopping places an historical landmarks are also site seen pictures the city also has amazing culture Kolkata is popularly known for its culture
I have shortlisted some of the best places to visit in Kolkata which is the best attraction for tourist

Victorial memorial

this place is structured in the memorial of Queen Victoria and this place has several statues and it is in the middle of Kolkata it drives your interest to look into the white marbles in it the palace is all over built by white marbles and it has pleasant view it also has a pleasant garden outside the Victoria which is so beautifully decorated and the Beauty even increases at night when you see this view we feel pleasant and very attractive to its beauty it is one of the beautiful place in Kolkata

Belur math

Belur math is an attraction to Ramakrishna headquarters it is very beautiful and pleasant it has very silent and attractive environment where people go and relax and enjoy its beauty when we go there we remember the olden days of Ramakrishna period hear the art and architecture are craft beautifully and in a pleasant way this is the first attraction of every tourist

science city of Kolkata

this is also one of the best place of Kolkata where more children enjoys here as it gives you the knowledge of time space light and electricity it is consist of all these things this place includes space theatre 3D shows theme park and then also complex and time machine when you visit Kolkata don’t forget to visit this place at any cost because it has combination of all the the science like time speed electricity and about light it has a mixture of all these components where children get more knowledge about all these things it is the more attractive place for youngsters

Dakshineswar temple

this is also the popular place in Kolkata it is a place dedicated to oo maa Kali and it covers 25 acres of land it has great and marvelous architecture and every tourist visit this place as a pilgrimage
there are many devotees come here and pray and take a DIP in the water Ganga at the time of of Durga Kali festival

Indian museum

this is also famous place in Kolkata and it is one of the largest museum in India it consists of 60 galleries and there are also divided into different categories like zological geographical geological and industrial items
this place also has great art and it even has Egyptian mummies in it and all coins and stone are found especially in this museum this is the main attraction of people the old coins and stones of historical time

Howrah bridge

this is also the most important place in Kolkata this is a very largest bridge in Kolkata it is largest and contilever Steel bridge in the world it also has a LimeLight duty at night no one misses a ride on this bridge as a tourist

nicco park

initially it was named as jhilmil park it is a great amusement park for all types age of people it is situated in city of joy all the people go and have a thrilling experience on this amusement park

St Paul’s cathedral

this is also one of the attractive place of Kolkata this is a place of art and architecture lovers this place is situated in the middle of Kolkata this place looks more beautiful at Christmas because it would be decorated with lights and candles this place just look beautiful with art and architecture work on it

nakoda mosque

this is also the most attractive place in Kolkata place is ritual for Muslims an the best thing about this place is more than 10,000 can pray here at once this is a scared place Muslims

fort Williams Kolkata

this is also one of the beautiful and unique places to see in Kolkata it consists of a big place with gardens
this splendid architecture covers large piece of land

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