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Famous Festivals of the Earth

In the early years of human history, the world has seen many famous festivals of the world. Some of these festivals have become part of the culture of a region or society. There are some, however, that has transcended into universal traditions. Let’s look at some of the more well-known festivals of the earth.

Famous Festivals of the Earth

Islamic Festivals – festivals of earth

Eid-Ul Fitr:

In the Maldives, Eid-ul Fitr is also famous as kuda eid, celebrated on the end of Ramadan and starting the first date of Shawwal from the Islamic calendar.
Also, Kuda indicates the new moon. Since the people of Maldives celebrate their festivals in their respective homes or with their relatives.

Eid-Ul Adha:

Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated on the tenth day of the last month of the Islamic calendar, the last month is said to be Zil-Haj or Zul-Haj. However, this festival is mostly known for the animal sacrifice offered to please allah.
In this festival, people exchange meat of sacrifice animal from each other and distribute to the poor.

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Hawaiian Festival – festivals of earth

The Hawaiian Festival of luck holds special significance to many of Hawaii’s native cultures. It honors the goddess of water, Lanai, as well as other gods and goddesses of strength, courage, and good fortune. The first two days of the festival have filled with festivities. Farmers wear special leis as a symbol of their great prosperity while dancing and feasting.

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Tibetan festival

The Tibetan festival of compassion is the third famous festival of the Earth. This time of the year is meant to honor those who have passed away, as well as pay respect to the dead. The main focus is on teaching the suffering souls how to move on with their lives and practice living with no regrets.

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Mayan Festival

The Mayan celebration of Independence is best known for its thrilling adventure-themed events. This is the time when the Aztec calendar celebrates the arrival of their greatest king. For seven days, Americans and Indians alike celebrate their rise to independence. The rituals involved are fascinating and entertaining. They include snake ceremony, fire celebration, a ceremony where you throw yourself into a hole in the ground and come up with rocks, and turtle ceremony. It is a time to celebrate, not only the great Aztec success but also their colorful way of fighting among themselves.

African festivals – festivals of earth

The African festivals of peace, love, and goodwill are also well-known. Peace is an attitude that encompasses all areas of life and is the foundation for many of the world’s famous festivals. The Masik Dance, in which people put on a dance to show that they are content and peaceful, is widely held during this time. Celebrations of goodwill also include planting trees, cleaning the house, and saying goodbye to friends and family. Among the countries with the most well-known festivals are Egypt, Nigeria, India, South Africa, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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Chinese Festivals

Some people consider Chinese festivals to be one of the most famous festivals in the world. There are over 20 particular festivals celebrated during Chinese New Year, one of which is the lantern festival, which is a spectacular display of firework and lanterns set off in large numbers throughout the city at that time. Firecrackers are also used extensively during this festival. The Philippines has its long-running Diwali festival that includes a massive game of rice toss and colorful processions.

The Chinese New Year is one of the most popular events in the Chinese calendar. It falls on January first. It honors ancient dragon cycles and the year’s beginning, along with the five phases of the Chinese calendar. The Chinese view this time of year as a time of renewal and prosperity. They look to the new year as a time for farming gives way to planting yields. Throughout the planting, however, will be activities like parades, fireworks, masked dancers, and, of course, fireworks.

With such a prominent place in the Chinese calendar, the Spring Festival is also celebrated with much importance. This festival celebrates the return of life from winter’s darkness and winter chill. It is the longest festival on the Chinese calendar and lasts for nine days. March is the hottest month of the spring season, so shoes and fabric are very important.

Hindu Festivals

Hinduism is another important religion from the world that has famous festivals. On this day, people give thanks to Lord Ganesha for all he has done for them. The result of this festival is the throwing of cakes and other objects at Ganesha to symbolize his greatness. It is a religious festival that is also accompanied by other activities, such as dancing and music. This festival is important to Hindus, and it is important to the Hindus that the entire world not take notice of this.

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Christian Festivals

There are Christian festivals and Jewish festivals of joy. The Christian festivals are centered around the crucifixion of Christ and the subsequent enlightenment of Christianity. Jews celebrate Jewish holidays, such as Passover and Shavuot. They also observe the commandments of Moses and hold celebrations of creation and the coming of the Messiah. Both of these ancient religions have long held a deep meaning for the people of these cultures, and their importance is often recognized by holding cultural events similar to these.

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