Famous Festivals Of Qatar

Qatar hosts a stimulating spectrum of festivities and exhibitions throughout the year. Several festivals indicate the country’s wealthy cultural heritage while others showcase its elegant modernization and worldwide outlook.
The skies over Aspire Park in Doha come alive with colorful and wonderful kites every March in the city’s annual kite festival. Celebrate the procession of colorful kites descending through the air, monitored by talented kite flyers from around the earth.

Kites formulated in conventional methods are on exhibition while families have an opportunity to sharpen their kite-making abilities in daily workshops. Further activities during the 3 days of celebrations encompass learner competitions, parades, and cultural performances.  
Al-shahaniya camel festival
Camel racing in Qatar possesses formulated through the centuries into a fiercely competitive and energetic sport with millions of dollars on the chain. Remote-controlled ‘jockeys’ riding the camels exhibit the sport’s extraordinary combination of tradition and contemporary technology.

Weekly classes accept place every Friday from October through February, with the main competitions in March and April. The winner of HH the Emir’s Main Race in April earns nationwide prestige along with the Golden Sword prize. Nationalities are held at  Al Shahaniya Camel Racetrack on the Doha-Dukhan highway, about an hour’s push from downtown Doha.
Qatar International art festival
Clenched over 6 days in late October or early November, the Qatar International Art Festival in Doha requires a showcase and imaginative and creative exchange for artists from around the. More than 200 artists carry aspects in the festival, which has live painting displays, workshops, panel conversations, and a fashion concert as well as an exhibition.

The festival puts up with a place at Katara Cultural Village. Artists who desire to enroll in the event can apply in advance, while the ceremony and live paintings are free and independent for the public.

Ajyal film festival

The annual Ajyal Film Festival at the Doha. Ajyal means ‘generations’ in Arabic and the festival is formulated to dispute to all ages, with not merely movie screenings and dialogues and discussion but furthermore cosplay recreations, video game tournaments, and modern music performances.
Filmmakers, composers, and artists from around the corner of the earth enlist the festival, which is carried at Katara Cultural Village in Doha. Admission is available for all athletics.

katara traditional dhow festival

Dhow boats have put up with sailors around the Arabian oceans and beyond for centuries, and each year Qatar celebrates this magnificent sailing vessel in its Traditional Dhow Festival at Katara Cultural Village in Doha. The festival usually takes place in December

Several boats of fluctuating abundances and conventional techniques are on exhibition, and festival-goers can moreover celebrate and dedicate the art exhibitions and a marine-themed firework exhibition. A conventional demand on-site has maritime commodities, handicrafts, and food for sale.

Doha culture festival

The Doha Cultural Festival is a significant occurrence in Qatar that features an assortment of regional beliefs and arts. The culture and imaginativeness of the region are conveyed through melodious performances, dance, photography, art exhibitions, and supplementary.
Events take place on numerous platforms throughout Doha, with performances schemed to dispute to the whole family.


Ramadan is a spiritual and sacred celebration across Qatar, with 3 days of Eid al-Fitr celebrations closing out a month of fasting, prayer, and deliberation. It’s a public vacation in Qatar, providing civilization the chance to gather and enjoy fast-breaking dinners concurrently. Several companies are shut down, but there’s a joyous environment and atmosphere throughout the country with lights, and glints and colorful flags banners, and nightly fireworks shows.

Qatar International food festival

Foodies and hungry tourists and visitors will want to visit Qatar in March or April to glimpse and experiment with some wonderful cooking by chefs from around the earth at the annual Qatar International Food Festival. Among the circumstances are live cooking shows by acclaimed chefs, healthy food workshops, farmer’s markets, and farm-to-table experiences. The celebration also requests the chance for provincial chefs and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and ability
Qatar marine festival
Qatar has a powerful seafaring inheritance, commemorated yearly in the Qatar Marine Festival. Competitions are carried at Katara Cultural Village in Doha, with agreements that differ around maritime teaching, culture, atmosphere, entertainment, and sport. A highlight at one of its festivals was a sophisticated game with more than 300 entertainers and high-tech stagings

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