Famous Festivals of New Zealand

Famous Festivals of New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of great festivals. There are festivals for every occasion and any time of the year. It is important to plan for these festivals so you can attend them when you want, enjoy them fully and be proud of your heritage. Some of the most popular festivals in New Zealand include as follows.

Famous Festivals of New Zealand

Midsummer Festivals of New Zealand

The Midsummer Festival is held from mid-June to mid-July. It is a time for many traditions to be followed including the blowing of every pot of beer from one container to another, the eating of the ‘smoked salmon, and the crowning of the Queen of Sheba. It also marks the start of summer celebrations. The other festivals associated with Midsummer are the Wellington Jazz Festival and the Midsummer Parade.

Jazz Festivals of New Zealand

The Jazz Festival is a popular international event and features international musical acts. This is the only truly global jazz festival, with thousands of jazz aficionados from around the world. There is also a popular Midsummer Parade, which is a precursor to the Jazz Festival.

Ashford Titles Day

A traditional rural event is Ashford Titles Day. The town gets a lot of traffic during this day as people come to see the historical events that have happened there over the years. A parade follows in the evening and participants dress up as their favorite characters. This is followed by the crowning of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II as the two most glorious Queens of the past. They are treated to colorful parades throughout the town and the rest of the day is spent enjoying the festivities. Events like the annual Cherry Blossoms Festival, the Hauraki Gulf Titles Day, and the annual Mahalkali Day are also popular.

Maui Arts Festivals of New Zealand

The Maui Arts Festival is a popular time for locals to gather to celebrate and share stories. It is also one of the most popular events of the year in other areas of the island. Music and dance dominate this popular celebration.

Mountain Creek Wildfood Festiva

If you love the outdoors, the Mountain Creek Wildfood Festival is a great place to be on a Sunday. Hundreds of local families gather to celebrate the day by cooking delicious foods and crafts. Organizers recommend that visitors arrive early as the lineups can be long and getting to the different stages can be a challenge. Other events include the Mountain River Festival, the Chasmagore Carnival, and the Te Anau Food festival.

Maori Cultural Festival

If you love culture and gatherings, you’ll love the Maori Cultural Festival which is held every year in the Waiheke Islands. This is a three-day event with special cultural programs and dances. Other popular activities include hikes, paddling, culture competitions, and art displays. Te Arawa Panga is also a famous day where local people celebrate the ancient skill of kites.

Arts and Crafts Festival

In between the larger festivals, there are plenty of smaller events that have interesting things to do and see. If you are traveling with children, they will especially enjoy visiting the Te Anau Adventure and Wildlife Park and learning about the animals in the area. The Arts and Crafts Festival at Waiheke House allows visitors to create works of art while staying at the inn. Many tourists also come to towns such as Franklin and attend the annual Midsummer Festival.

Shopping Places

Franklin is a popular place to go for a day of shopping. People can get some fabulous bargains at the Shops on Parade each Saturday. Franklin’s shopping district is also featured in the movie Finding Nemo. On the other end of the scale, Franklin is also a popular place to holiday with its numerous holiday villas available for rental. Holiday New Zealand packages are available from resorts and hotels.

Festivals of New Zealand

Every month in New Zealand, at least one of the festivals described above is held. They are listed in order of popularity. As with most things, you can also find a combination of festivals and events in any town or region. For example, there is often a Midsummer festival at one time or another in places like Franklin and at other times of the year.

There are many more festivals, including the Harbour Fest which feature food, music, and fireworks in August, Franklin’s Gold Weekend in June, and the Jazz Festival held in August. These are just a few examples of the many festivals that take place throughout the month of New Zealand. They are fun for the whole family and a good way to experience the country. If you are coming to New Zealand for the first time, you will want to spend a day or two in a city or going to a reserve where you can see all the various festivals. Then you will want to head back home and enjoy the great rural places that New Zealand has to offer.

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