Famous Festivals Of Mumbai

India is and cultural country several festivals are celebrated in India each state has its own culture and tradition festivals Maharashtra is also one among them many unique and great festivals are celebrated by Maharashtra with a large group of people the famous festivals that are celebrated in Mumbai are

Nag Panchami

this is also one of the important and famous festivals that is celebrated in Maharashtra this festival called Nag Panchami festival is celebrated to give honor to snake God because most of the Indians believe in sea snakes a God and they worship snakes as a very important ritual and they make statues and place of snakes mainly to celebrate its festival they assume that if they celebrate the snakes festival the snake will destroy its blessing and well-being to the family so so the farmers especially pray to the Nag Devta and offer them thanks they also offer sweet and milk to the snake God celebrate this festival with dance and songs on the streets

Gudhi padwa

this is also one of the famous and important festivals that is celebrated by most of the Hindus in Maharashtra they assume that by celebrating this good Gudi Padwa festival they get good prosperity and good health into the family this festival is celebrated as the new year considered by Hindu calendar and they celebrate this making with the bamboo stick with the Silk cloth the assume that Gudi is a symbol of victory there decorate the homes and garlands and they put Rangoli is also they offer the flowers and sweets to the prosperous Gudi outside the house

Natalie Purnima

this is another festival celebrated in Maharashtra popularly known as natural Purnima it is celebrated in different parts of Maharashtra they believe that during the monsoon the sea is unsafe for fishing so the future men do not go to take fish during this month they celebrate this festival to make the see god happy the fishermen during this season up is this he got before selling out in their decorated and beautifully garland boats this festival is specially celebrated at the end of monsoon celebrated as full moon day on this day the fisherman offer coconut to the Sea God Purnima and pray the see God and seek blessings to overcome any unwanted accidents to begin the fishing

Ganesh Chaturthi

this festival is one of the most celebrated and loved and popular festivals of Maharashtra in this particular festival they celebrate it as the birth of Lord Ganesh some people join this festival and this festival will be celebrated for 11 days and they celebrate it with great enthusiasm people bring all the statues of Lord Ganesha and keep in their homes and put large candles and decorate their homes with very cultural themes large people will be gathered on various grounds to celebrate this special festival they look forward to meeting all their relatives and friends and distribute sweets among themselves this is one of the big festivals of Maharashtra

Krishna Janmashtamiami

this is also one of the important festivals that is celebrated by most of the Hindus but mostly in Maharashtra the devotees a larger number this festival is celebrated as the birth of Lord Krishna the devotees will fast In the Midnight on this evening as a birth of Lord Krishna and celebrated as midnight at the temple and in homes, this Singh bhajans and cultural songs to wish the birth of Lord Krishna one of the main and popular rituals they perform on this day is they put Dahi Handi a clay pot filled with curd puffed with rice and milk are dunk high Up Above the street all the youngsters who are interested I will join this group and they break it as in the honor of Lord Krishna

Makar sankranti

this is also one of the great festival celebrated by Maharashtra this festival is known as Pongal as well this is celebrated in different parts of the country but in Maharashtra it is celebrated as a whole is celebrated to advent of spring and when the sun leave the southern hemisphere and begins its journey in the Northern hemisphere this festival is a tradition for kite flying plenty of flights are decorated on the sky on this day small sweet laddu are made in homes specially on this day they meet their friends and relatives on this day and forget all the differences they had they celebrate this festival with mutual love and respect

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