famous festivals of India 2021

as we all know that India is a home of many religious people it has vibrant holidays and festivals whether it is a Hindu celebration or Islamic celebration or any regional festival India large number of festivals that will be celebrated in India

famous festivals of India


Diwali is a festival of lights and this is one of the most celebrated and important festivals that Indians celebrate Diwali is also known as Deepawali this is one of the biggest festivals the year Diwali is celebrated by Hindu and direct decorate their homes by making clay lanterns and string lights in this festival people gather and visit their friends and relatives home they also must fire and offer gifts to each other mostly Diwali is celebrated in cities like ok Delhi Jaipur and Kolkata we can experience the festival to be more attractive


this is also one o rivals celebrated by Hindus every year in March celebrate this Holi e as-2 to the victory of good over evil it is a festival of colorsandcocoloredoloreddloredts
they celebrate this Holi as the destruction of the demon on the night of full moon and the make a statue of the holiday as a symbol of birth and death of demand hence after the death of demon they celebrate Holi with color fights laughing dancing and also singing

Ganesh Chaturthi

this is one of the greatest celebrated festivals of Hindus they celebrate this festival as the birth of Lord Ganesh Ganesh is an elephant-headed Hindu God who removes the obstacles from the lives of his followers they celebrate this festival as a beloved it all across India and on lord Ganesh hona the show love and prospect by throwing a huge festival in his honor every year this festival is celebrated the longest festival of 10 days and they make statues of Lord Ganesh and put big pendants and decorate temples and homes they also carry the statue of Lord Ganesh and submit it to the ocean and submerged


this festival is also the largest celebrated in India and many places especially this festival is placed in Kolkata and West Bengal they celebrate this festival on the victory of goddess Durga over the buffalo demon Mahishasura they celebrate this festival by making beautiful pandal and largest and impressive statue of Durga of the attractive place to be seen in India


this is also one of the largest celebrated festivals of India it is a festival celebrated on the last day of Navratri this festival is celebrated in honor and victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana this festival carries a large procession of clay statues of Hindu deities such as Lakshmi Saraswati Durga to the waterways and submerged the best place to visit to celebrate this Dussehra festival is Mysore because almost one lakh lights will be placed in Mysore palace to start the night show and torchlight parade in various grounds

Eid ul Fitr

this is one of the most important and famous festivals celebrated by Muslims all over the world this is also a very important holiday in India because the large Muslim community especially in North India celebrates this festival
this festival is celebrated at the end of Ramadan it is the holy month of fasting and after breaking the fast of one month of Ramadan Muslims celebrate this festival with incredible street food meals and they also visit their friends and relatives and distribute gifts to each other


Onam is also an Indian festival celebrated mostly in Kerala it has a four-day harvest festival this festival shows the stunning display of Kerala culture and heritage to show the return of mythical King mahabali this festival has ll of cultural events traditional dance sports competition Kathakali performance boat races every house prepare for column and decorate from flower petals and rice that placed on the floor and entrance of homes and buildings it is one of the most beautiful festivals to be seen in Kerala


this is also one of the largest festivals celebrated by Hindus especially in a place called Tamilnadu this festival takes place for four days celebration and they celebrated as the end of the harvest season they celebrate this by visiting family and friends and harvest crops this month to have a good growing here for rice sugarcane and turmeric there pray to Sun god for luck and good prosperity

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