Famous festivals Celebrated In Cuba

cuba is one of the famous cities to spend your holiday at the time of the festival Cuban City turns into a big party e and centers for Cuban culture most importantly Cuba more concentrate on dance and music the lifestyle of Cuban is dancing under the stars to the rhythm of Salsa and partying together with locals there are various and several festivals to be celebrated in Khobar some of the festivals have been shortlisted below

Havana Carnival

this festival is being celebrated all over the city this festival is one of the most events Havana as it is celebrated in July every year here in this festival the Cubans will perform dance and show music with fancy full outfits and they will also have various dance groups decorated cars and fireworks it is fun to watch search elements in the carnival this day is specially dedicated to children and they also show magician floats

Festival del Habano

this is one of the largest international events of syga distributors and manufacturers and suppliers and industry this festival is mainly for cost for the cigar smokers in this festival the people participate to get involved in the secret of Habanos all the participants together get involved in the seminar factory for testing and visiting the tobacco plantation this festival is mainly to experience the Cuban cigar experience in the country

Havana jazz festival

this festival is held every year in the capital city of Cuba this festival will have a huge success of their artist and audience will come from different parts of the world 2 to experience and remarkable passion for jazz music in this festival the famous cube and jazz musician will present their jazz concept and attract the people of Havana this is the famous place that attracts the visitors from all over the world

Carnival in Santiago Cuba

this is one of the biggest festivals that is being celebrated by the Cuban as this festival begins the whole city e turns into a big party the most important feature of this festival is their decorate their vehicles and stalls brightly and different ethnic groups this festival all song is celebrated through dance music rhythms and many other specialties this is also one of the great attraction for all the tourist around the world

Las paradise De Remedios

this is also one of the famous festivals of Cuba because this is the most attractive festival of Cuba because this is the oldest city in Cuba near Christmas festival is celebrated very attractive way and it takes place in December every year in this festival the people of Cuba displays and fiber competition will also be held in this festival and visitors find this very attractive as a tourist we must visit it this place

Cuba disco

this is also one of the famouffestivalsthat is being celebrated in Cuba this place celebrates the rich diversity of Cuban music and their traditional contemporary music this festival also includes rap and other electronic things this is one of the most important music events in Cuba this festival provides the newcomer theirrrir talent to the country by providing them with live concerts in different venues across Havana

Havana ballet festival

this festival is also very famous for the school children in the world because this festival allows the children and other school kids 2 to show the countries fantastic dancers and international ballet dancer this festival is held in every two years and it shows the grand theatre of Havana and other places in Cuban capital this festival is mainly for the ballet dancer

International choir festival

this is another famous festival that is celebrated by the Cuban people this festival mainly shows the international choir grace the city music venues with beautiful singles in this festival the people are offered throughout the week and festival ends with the torchlight procession this festival takes place CE in every second year and this is done at the end of October


this festival is celebrated in the different cities of Cuba this is celebrated as the largest and popular festival in the country in this festivals especially the presence of music genres like Sun and number in this festival the locals will together celebrate to experience the local culture of Cuba

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