Everything-you-need-to-know about Milad un Nabi festival 2021

Everything you need to know about Milad un Nabi festival 2021

Milad un Nabi is a festival that is celebrated on the birth anniversary of our last prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihis Salam and it is celebrated as the birthday of Prophet Muhammad and it is known as Milad un Nabi

our Eid a Milad there is a great history and significance about the celebration of this Milad-un-Nabi and there are also various other Muslims who believe that this day is to be celebrated as a Muslim festival there are believers of the Sufi

milad un nabi
Everything you need to know about Milad un Nabi festival 2021

or the Barelvi school of thought which has been thought that it is a mark of the birth anniversary of the last prophet of Islam prophet Muhammad by celebrating this Milad un Nabi our Eid a Milad it is also called as nabid and mawlid in Arabic language and it is mostly celebrated by Sufi during rabiulawal which is one of the 3rd months of the Islamic calendar

Celebratin of milad un nabi

there is a great celebration done on this day according to some of the Muslim scholars this day is a birthday of the will of prophet Muhammad and sometimes it is celebrated by most of the Muslim scholars and on this day they also observed on the birthday of Islamic prophet Muhammad which comes on the third month of Islamic calendar and

this date has been accepted date among most of the Sunni scholars while most of this year believe that it is celebrated on 17th of Rabi ul Awwal as the accepted the not all the shares will consider this as the particular day but most of the Muslims in Sunni they believe that this day was the birth of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and there is also a great history about the celebration which has been started since the early days of Islam

when some of the tabiun begin to hold the session of the poetry and songs which has been composed in the honour of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and they also received some of the the residents in the crowds and it is said that the first Muslim ruler to officially celebrate the birth of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as an impression some money was Muzaffar al din he was the first Muslim rural to officially celebrate this day

the letter on the ottomans declared it is an official holiday in the year 1588 this day is also celebrated in some parts of the world like Egypt where the Sufi saint celebrate this as a religious figure for celebrating the birth of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and but most of the Muslim disapprove its commemoration and

they also considered that it is illicit releases innovations that has been in v as with the and most of the molecule is recognised as a national holiday in most of the Muslim majority countries in the world except in Saudi Arabia and

Qatar in this people these people did not celebrate and make any celebration of festival for this day because it has been not authorised in many books that has been written by famous scholars of Muslim community and some of the non Muslims in majority countries with large Muslim population like India will also be recognised as a public holiday

on this particular day according to measure Rati of Sunni Muslims and some of the Shia Muslims they believe that prophet was born on 12 Rabi ul awal and many Shia Muslims on the other hand believe that prophet was born on 17th of review level there is a major conflicts that involved during the celebration of this day and

there are also many disagreements since there are some of the scholars like they believe that is celebrating on 12th of regular but the birthday of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is unknown for people and it is not definitely recorded in many of Islamic and traditional books and the issue of correct date has not been recorded

but still the people disagree with the perfect date and still they celebrate their celebration and make this festival and remark this festival by celebrating and singing various songs in the honour of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and they also many visitor who are privately arrange to visit various places on this day specifically and there are also many animals were sacrificed on this day

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