Everything about Bhai Dooj Festival celebration 2021-22

Everything about Bhai Dooj Festival celebration 2021-22

Bhai dooj is a festival celebrated by Hindus on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the Vikram Samvat Hindu schedule or of Shalivahan Shaka schedule month of Kartika. It is commended during the Diwali or Tihar festival and Holi festival. The celebrations of this day are like the festival of Raksha Bandhan. On this day, sisters give gifts to their siblings. In the southern piece of the country, the day is commended as Yama Dwitiya.

Bhai Dooj Festival
Bhai Dooj Festival

Bhai Dooj in whole Northern piece of India, seen during the Diwali festival. This is additionally the second day of the Vikrami Samvat New Year, the schedule continued in Northern India (counting Kashmir), what begins from the lunar month of Kārtika. It is generally celebrated by Awadhis in Uttar Pradesh, Maithils in Bihar as Bhardutiya and individuals from different other ethnic gatherings. The main day of this New Year is seen as Govardhan Puja.

Upon the arrival of the festival, sisters welcome their siblings for an extravagant supper regularly including their beloved dishes/desserts. The strategy might be distinctive in Bihar and focal India. The entire function implies the obligation of a sibling to secure his sister, just as a sister’s endowments for her sibling.

Rituals and customs of the festival

The festival of Bhai Dooj is commended the nation over customarily. On the event, sisters make a seat for their siblings utilizing rice flour. When the sibling sits on the seat, a glue of vermillion, dahi and rice is applied on the brow of the siblings as a strict tika. From that point, the sister place a blossom of Kaddu, betel leaves, betel nuts and coins in the palms of the sibling and pour water on it while reciting mantras. Whenever this is done, a Kalawa is tied on the wrist of the sibling and the aarti is performed. The following custom is to trade gifts among each and take the favors of the seniors.

Conveying forward the function in customary style, sisters perform arti for their sibling and apply a red tika on the sibling’s brow. This tika function on the event of Bhai Bij implies the sister’s sincerest supplications for the long and glad existence of her sibling and treat them with gifts. Consequently, senior siblings favor their sisters and may treat them additionally with gifts or money.

celebration of bhai dooj

Bhai dooj in West Bengal is praised with much wonder. The service is set apart with numerous rituals alongside an excellent blowout sorted out for the siblings. It is fundamental that, both sibling and sister are over 5 years old.

The festival of Bhai Bij is famous in Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa and is praised with extraordinary intensity and exhilaration. Siblings and sisters anticipate the event with massive excitement. To add appeal to the event, Bhai Bij gifts are given to siblings from sisters as a badge of adoration and appreciation.

Bhav Bij is a period for family gatherings as all siblings and sisters in the family get together. Direct relations and companions are likewise welcomed to praise the Bhav Bij in numerous families.

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