Autumnal equinox festival

Everything About Autumnal equinox festival

this article is all about this celebration of this equinox festival like its history and its importance as well as it’s a method of celebration and so on. autumnal Equinox festival day is a day where there is a public holiday which is usually celebrated in Japan and this festival mainly occurs on September 22 23 according to the Japanese calendar there are different dates and different time zones that exist to celebrate this festival this day is a national holiday which is officially not declared but still, there is a public holiday since 1948.

it is an event that is related to Shintoism like any other holiday this holiday has been repackaged as a non-religious holiday, for the sake of separation of religion and state where Japan’s post-work constitution has been taken place and this festival is being celebrated as the reconnection with the people with all the family members but tending to the graves of and ancestors, and also visiting the shrines and various other temples.

Autumnal equinox festival
Autumnal equinox festival

people celebrate this festival especially in good weather and during the time of autumn harvest by enjoying the outdoor activities and during this day they celebrate this day by eating shubun which is the holy snack which is commonly known as botamochi this food is a half-sweet price which looks similar to pasta.

this festival mostly falls in September and it is the movement when the sun appears to the cross of the color Steel equator, MD heading towards southward will be there on the sky due to the differences in the calendar of every year and also the tropical here this festival falls on September and this festival can occur in any time of September starting from September 21st to 24th and this festival and the astronomical summer and also the beginning of autumn, especially in the Northern hemisphere.

this festival has been marked to be largely celebrated especially in West Asia and East Asia this festival is called as sharing love between people and there is also a public holiday for this festival and this festival is celebrated for 3 days continuously and this festival is also largely celebrated in China Hong Kong, Taiwan and also in many other significant Chinese countries where the Chinese majority is more.

this festival is also celebrated in Europe and also in America where they construct a large number of timber circles which is located in between and they do the parade.
they celebrate this festival in respect for native American believes that this event has a good ritual ceremony for the ancestors and also rituals for any kindness has.

there is a great history for celebrating this festival has largely people celebrate this festival or around the World 2 to honor the people who died where they believe that during this day all the and sisters come to the relatives and made them and people also go and visit their grapes and honor them with respect.

this festival is also celebrated from thousands of years back and it is also celebrated by people all around the globe in all different countries they have all celebrated changes of the season during this festival they on our mother nature and also acknowledge the passage of time this is one of the Ancient festivals which has a great impact on the people.
this festival mainly falls on winter-spring and also summer this celebration has their special way and there is a great way to bring a close a connection to nature in our home as the belief that this festival has a great way to help kids to connect the end of the growing season to the own life.

people in different countries celebrate this festival in too many different ways in some countries, they first go for apple are the same local orchard n they also bring next out of all 4 related books and there are also various stories, that has been written about this festival which change your nature table from summer items to fall items and this day is pen mostly outside for whole day other walking aur talking and most of then make harvest foods and come into gardens to eat and sometimes they go out to farmers market and see what is available in the market and when they will buy like tomatoes, apples and so on.

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