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Eid Milad an important festival celebrated by people who follow Islam religion all over the world. Islam is the second-largest religion of billions of people all around the world.

There are few important festivals in Islam that are celebrated all over the world. These festivals are Ramadan, Bakrid, Eid Milad, and Al-Hijra.

Eid Milad is widely celebrated in every part of the country. Eid Milad has special place in heart of every Muslim.

Festivals had become a source of entertainment, joy, spread the positive message, and create awareness, and many more. In a world full of work where people do not have time to enjoy. Create memories with their loved ones’s festivals had become more important.

Festivals had been an important source to transfer culture, tradition, customs, and heritage from one generation to another. Festival also reflects the image of religion which it will create in front of millions of people.

In this materialistic world festival plays important role in bringing people close to each other. It creates feelings of mutual respect, and love between many people.

This festival is also known as Mawlid, Eid Milad un Nabi, Mawlid al-Nabi, Mulund, Mevlid, Melvin, and many more. It is celebrated to mark and celebrate the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

When is it celebrated?

This festival is celebrated every year in the third month of the Islamic Calendar that is Rabi al- awwal. There are 2 major sects in Islam; they are Sunni and Shia. The date accepted by these two sects to celebrate Eid Milad is different.

Almost all Sunnis accept 12th Rabi al- awwal to celebrate Eid Milad. Shias accept the day of 17th Rabi al awwal but some Shias differ in this regard.

Prophet Muhammad is the most important figure in the Islam religion. It is believed that Almighty Allah created Prophet Muhammad first but sent him last in this world. So that there would not be any other prophet after him.

Prophet Adam was the first prophet sent to this world and Prophet Muhammad was the last. Now all of us can know the importance of Prophet Muhammad and the day he was born. Eid Milad is a festival even in India, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Jordan, Libya, Russia, Canada, and Nigeria.

With the rise of many sub sects in Islam like Ahmadiyya, Wahhabism, Ahle Hadis and more celebrating Eid Milad has been forbidden but it is still prevalent in majority of Sunni Muslim population.

The exact date when Eid Milad was first celebrated. Prophet Muhammad fasts on Monday citing the reason as it was his birth on the day. In the beginning festival of Eid Milad done in private. But later it had been started to celebrate it large scale.

India is a prominent non-Islamic country in which Eid Milad is predominantly festival in many parts. Some Indian states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and cities like Bangalore, and Hyderabad are very famous for their celebrations of Eid Milad.

This includes reciting of Quaran, performing Namaz, Salah, prayers, and many more spiritual activities during the complete night and pray to Almighty Allah for the blessings and to pray for their progress, goodness in their life.


It is recorded and documented that Eid Milad was first celebrated on large scale by Abbasids in Baghdad. Abbasids were the famous Arab dynasty that ruled the entire Islamic world. They assumed Caliphate in 750 CE.     

They were the 3rd Caliphate among major caliphate kingdoms. Abbasids rule can be termed as the golden era of the Islamic World. The definition of being a Caliph is different in both Sunni and Shia sects of Islam.

Today Eid Milad is one of the major festivals celebrated in India and many countries in this world. A national holiday is also declared on this day in many countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, France, Nigeria, Ehtiopia, and many more.

On this day Muslim people recites story of life of Prophet Muhammed, it includes large street processions, charity, distribution of food, clothes and basic necessity things, Candle feast and many more.

This festival had influence of Sufism in it. This festival is also a way to express love, faith, trust, and devotion on Prophet Muhammad. Earlier it was celebrated by performing animal sacrifices but now few of the practices had been stopped. Many people also perform fast from sun rise to sun set.

On this day people wake up early and perform many Islamic Spiritual activities. This festival has high importance and emotional place in the hearts of every one. There are some differences which are being created for celebrating this festival and these are rising up with gradual time.

In the Muslim world almost all the scholars, people, sects had been in favor of celebrating this festival and it is regarded as one of the most important festival in whole Islamic world.

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