Eid Al – Adha Also Called Bakrid

Eid Al – Adha-
It is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the people who follow the Islam religion. It is also known as Bakrid. This festival is celebrated every year all over the world. Bakrid Date 2021 – Tuesday, 20 July.

Eid Al - Adha Also Called Bakrid
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Eid Al – Adha festival is celebrated to mark and symbolize the sacrifice, devotion, and faith of Hazrath Ibrahim on al mighty Allah.

It honours the faith, devotion and willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismael on the command of al mighty Allah.

Festivals play a very important role in life of human beings, as it had become an integral part of human life. We all love to celebrate festivals. And we celebrate it with great joy and excitement. We forget our sorrow, and pains of our life. It spreads positive vibes in life of human beings.

During festivals we love to spend our time with our family, friends,

and relatives keeping aside all our differences and resolving issues had exists between each other.

In festivals we like to do shopping, eating various delicacies and collect gifts from our elders,

seek their blessing for our upcoming life and hope to have a successful year ahead.

Bakrid Festival occurs every year after the holiest month of Ramadan. It is the most important festival celebrated in Islam after Ramadan.

In India people always values their culture, tradition, and customs it doesn’t matters how much ever we have modernized. We had transferred our festivals, culture, tradition, values, and customs from one generation to another.

According Islamic lunar calendar Bakrid lies on 10th day of Dhu al- Hijjah. There is a complete story prevalent in Islam about how celebration of Bakrid began and they firmly believe it.

How it started :

It is said that Hazrat Ibrahim received a command in his dreams from al- mighty Allah that he have to sacrifice his most beloved thing in name of Allah.

Hazrat Ibrahim without giving any second thought sacrificed his beloved Animal. But he kept seeing the same dream. Hazrat Ibrahim sacrificed his camel, sheep, goat and other. But the same dream occurred again.

Later he gave a thought and he realized that his son is most beloved to him.

Hazrat Ibrahim and his wife Hajira were childless for long time and they were blessed with a son and named him as Ismael means God has heard.

But Hazrat Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his son and decided a day to perform the command which he received. On the day of sacrifice Ibrahim didn’t tell his wife about his decision of sacrificing his son.

He made Ismael to get ready and dress up well and went out with him. He reached the place where he was about to sacrifice his son.

It is said that Saitaan tried to deviate Ibrahim by reminding him of his love for his son,

But Ibrahim drove away saitaan by throwing pebble stone at him.

Saitaan did not stop here he tried to deviate Ibrahim’s family from carrying on the command of al – mighty Allah.

But each and every time he received rejections and this is still commemorated by throwing stones at a symbolic pillars,

stoning of the Devil during Hajj rites.

Time of Sacrificing – Eid Al – Adha

At the time of sacrificing his son Ibrahim blind folded himself because it could have made it impossible for him.

Then he prayed to al – mighty Allah recited duwa sharpened his knife

and started the knife back and forward movement but it did not cut the throat of Ismael as it didn’t had command from Allah to cut the throat of Ismael.

Later he sharpened his knife/sword again to perform his duty keeping aside his feelings for his son.

On seeing Ibrahim’s dedication, trust, and faith on Allah,

Allah sent Angel Jibreel to replace the lamb on the place of Ismael.

Angel Jibreel did the exact thing as he was commanded to him.

And a lamb was sacrificed in place of Hazrat Ismael later on feeling the warmth of blood Hazrat Ibrahim unfolded his eyes

and saw a lamb in place of his son.

Angel Jibreel revealed that he was commanded by Allah to replace a lamb in place of Ismael and Allah was testing him,

and he had successfully passed in the test.

To commemorate this high level of devotion, faith, trust,

and willingness to sacrifice everything including his beloved thing to obey the command of Allah is celebrated every year all around the world in form of Bakrid.

Till today sacrificing of animals on this auspicious day is continued in Islam. People celebrated it with joy, excitement and faith in God al- mighty Allah.

The Day of Bakrid :

On the day of Bakrid people rise early in the morning pray to god perform duwa in their home and perform namaz in an open field and then they carry on with their sacrifices.

And then divide in three equal parts and distribute it among friends, family, relatives and neighbours.

This is a special festival celebrated in Islam and have held high place in heart of every Muslim.

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