Easter festival- Events and Testaments

Easter festival is a Christian festival and it is one of the cultural holidays for all the Jesus people and they believe that this day is a commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the Dead
the belief that this is the day when Jesus will come to life from that they believe so as has been described in the book of the new testament and they follow new testament as having occurred on the 3rd day of his burial by the Romans and this day they feast and make the ascension of Jesus Christ

this Easter festival day is celebrated on the 40 days of fasting and they also make various prayers most Christians celebrate this Easter as a holy week and it is a western Christianity that contains the days of Easter which also include Monday and Thursday they also celebrate a good Friday on the death day of Jesus Christ

Events in Easter festival:

most of the Christians celebrate this Easter festival as an Easter holiday and the belief that it is a resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the new testament of the Bible and this event is said to be e have occurred three days after Jesus was crucified by the Romans and died in 38 roughly this day will be a holiday and they conclude this festival by concluding the Passion of Christ

there are various series of these events that take place on this day is also a holiday that begins with lent 40 days of fasting and they also do prayers and make sacrifices and ends this holy week by performing all these rituals they also include a holy Thursday which is the celebration of Jesus Last supper with his 12 apostles which is also known as Monday and Thursday

Easter festival falls differently depending upon each real calendar and mostly this occurs on Sunday this year 2021 on April 4 this day is considered to be one of the moveable feasts it is in the Western Christianity
this festival mostly falls on Sunday between March 22 and April 25 this festival typically falls the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on

in the eastern orthodox branches of Christianity, this day as a Sunday is serve as a start of the season of Pascha which ends 40 days later with the holiday known as a feast of the ascension
this festival is taking place since the 16th century and it also has a great history of the English people

this is one of the great days in the Christian calendar it is one of the holidays that they celebrate on this day and some many traditions and symbols of the Western festival
it is said that this festival is one of the important foundations upon which the Christian religion has been billed and this day has a more significant date according to the Christian calendar

according to the new testaments, Easter festival is believed that on this day Jesus was arrested by the Roman authority’s and there is claimed that he is the son of god or there are many questions arrived in the history of this incident and some of the Roman says that it may be viewed him and threat to the empire

letter on after they arrested him the sentence him to death by the king of Roman then the Roman perfect is the province of Judea from 26 to 36 AD from then onwards it is Mark as one of the Christian holidays and it is also considered that this day was the death of Jesus Christ and the belief that this festival will subsequently reserve 3 days later the date of his death and many authors in the gospel proved that he was one of the living sons of God

they also believe that Jesus that and reservation are given as a gift of eternal life which also means that those who have faith will be welcomed into the Kingdom of heaven after the death in the earth
this Easter festival day is also celebrated by Jewish people from Egypt and as it is described in the old testament they link this seen in the last supper which is occurred the night before Jesus arrested and the suffering Jesus and sufferings his arrest and so on.

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