Daughters Day

Daughters Day: It is a day that is annually every year on the 4th Sunday of September. Also, in 2021 Daughters Day will be observed on 26th September (4thSunday). It is most commonly known as International Daughters Day.

Daughters Day
Daughters Day

It is a day that is for every Daughter of this planet. Daughters are the female offspring of any couple. And moreover, all over the world love for Daughters had been witnessed.

Every Daughter is a princess for every Father. Since the bond shared between every Father and Daughter duo is unique. Their bond is impeccable. Moreover, it is true that if self-love is found on this planet it is with the parents.

Festivals bring happiness, joy, and excitement to the life of human beings. Since it marks the new beginning in the whole society. Some days that are observed and are commemorated are very special.

However, these days are very important as they can be dedicated towards a particular person, community, noble cause, or for showing gratitude to a special relation. These special days are Valentine’s Day, Sports Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Daughter’s Day, International Music Day, World Environment Day, Women’s Day, and others.

However, all these days somehow create awareness among the people as well. Many of these may not be observed as a national holiday, but it has a special place in the heart of every human being.

Beginning of International Daughters Day:

The International Daughter’s Day was first observed in our own country India. Since India is one of the oldest civilizations has been contributing to the development of this mankind in many and various ways.

Also in present-day Daughter’s Day is accepted and commemorated in many Asian, European, American, and African Countries. However, the celebration of Modern-day Daughter’s Day is widely popular and accepted in the USA and Canada.

Over the period, we had seen that the importance of celebration of various days is somehow increasing rapidly.

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Reason for the Celebration of Daughters Day:

India is a huge country. Every part, region of it is completely different from each other. Therefore India is known all over the world due to its Diversity. India had seen various blind believes, and stigmas in the past.

India is still fighting these blind believes, social barriers, social stigmas, and stalemates. To break these rituals and stigmas celebration of some special days becomes very important.

Daughters Day was the result of these stigmas. In India, there are many communities, tribes, castes, and house-holds that consider daughters as a burden.

Celebration of Daughter’s Day incomplete nation is like a slap on such people who treat their daughters as a burden.

Ill Effects of these Stigmas:

All blind believes, and stigmas come with their own set of ill effects on the society and development of the nation. Treating and considering a daughter as a burden to have bad effects.

This increases the no of dowry cases, female foeticide, female infanticide, illiteracy rate in the whole country. All these cause trouble in maintaining the sex ratio in the country.

This problem is already seen in many North Indian states like UP, Haryana, Bihar, and Rajasthan. Kerala is the only Indian state that has more female per 1000 male in the country.

Illiteracy among women can also lead to more male dominance, increase in a patriarchal society, it can also lead to population explosion in one or the other way. It may also lead to the spread of more illiteracy in the entire family and this situation can continue to be worse for many generations.

Ways to Celebrate the Daughter’s Day:

There are various ways to celebrated Daughters day. It all depends on personal choices. It also depends upon the personality of the person and the bond that a parent shares with their daughter.

Some of the ways by which you can celebrate this special day are: you can spend an entire day with your daughter and make her feel better. Try to create many more that she might not forget in her entire life. Somehow try to make this day a special one.

It may be by gifting her favorite thing, toy, or going on a trip and vacation with her and your entire family. It can make your daughter feel special. Allow her to take pictures with you and you can share them with some beautiful hashtags on various social platforms.

You can let your daughter teach you something, it may be a thing that you know already or a new thing irrespective of their age. Teaching and learning do not have any specific age limit.


Every Daughter has different personalities. They are different from each other in every aspect. Every Girl born on this planet is beautiful and different in her own way.

We do not have any right to judge anyone based on their gender, age, and various other aspects.

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