Chuseok festival- The Korean Festival

chuseok festival is a Korean festival
which is celebrated as an event by the community and centering on same characteristics and aspect of that community it is a religion or cultural festival celebrated by Korean people this. festival has often marked as a local or national holiday as any other holiday like Mela aur Eid this Korean festival has festival constitutes in typical cases of the glocalization

About chuseok festival:

this Korean chuseok festival is well known for the high culture low culture interrelationship and next to religion and folklore as a significant origin in agriculture this festival is basically celebrated as a food festival is such a vital resource that many festival has been associated with this harvest time and there are also many religious commemoration and Thanksgiving by most of the people for the good harvest and blended in events that has been taken place in many on term and there are people in various another places to celebrate this harvest festival

and this Korean chuseok festival is also marked as one of the food festival which is the harvest festival like Halloween which is celebrated in the Northern hemisphere and Easter in the southern and this festival is often sirf to fulfill the specific communal purposes and specially this festival is regarded to commemoration of Thanksgiving to the goddess and the goddesses aur any saints there are called patrona festivals and they also provide entertainment and particularly this festival is important to local communities before the advent of mass produced entertainment

this food chuseok festival mainly focuses on cultural or ethic topics which also seek to inform community members of their tradition this Korean festival is celebrated involving all the elders and sharing their stories and experience for providing means for unity among families and this festival has been carried out from ancient Greece and Rome and this festival like saturnalia is also closely related with this social organisation and political processes as well as well religion

this harvest chuseok festival is celebrated by mostly almost all the religious people and the mark this festival as one of the best festivals for thanking their goddesses for harvest and it is a practice from olden days and in modern Times this festival will be attended by many strangers like a tourist who are attracted by some of the great eccentric or historical ones
this Korean chuseok festival will be celebrated in South Korea on the fifth of the eighth month of the lunar calendar on the full moon day

and this North Korean festival is only celebrated for one day and like any other harvest festival this festival is also celebrated around the world this is specially held on autumn season and this festival will be marked with every end of Summer or in early autumn this is a biggest traditional holiday for all the South Korean on this particular there this festival has a great history and it is also celebrated as a good harvest by the Korean people and they also visit their and ancestors hometowns and share a feast with Korean people by giving and sharing their traditional food known as songpyeon

and they also make this fee for and sister memorial services at home which are also known as jesa
this Korean festival is traditionally e celebrated for the purpose of chuseok for family members to have great get together during this fall harvest moon time and this usually e celebrated on the sky on the 5th day and 8th day of month of lunar calendar and during this festival all the family members celebrate and show the gratitude to the transistors

for the fruitful harvest that they have destroyed on them this festival is also a thanksgiving for all the God and goddesses for having a great harvest season and this festival is marked as one of the food festival in mid-autumn and this festival is also celebrated in China according to the Chinese calendar and they celebrate this festival on the 15th and 18th day of their lunar calendar on the same day as Korea celebrate their festival this festival have great

Thanksgiving and they make different types of of dishes on this day during this festival they also offer gifts for friends and relatives and other people in their relatives to get closer to friends and families and this is one of the most popular gift given is mooncakes and fruits on this particular festival

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