Chapchar Kut Festival- Origination

the chapchar kut festival is a festival that is largely celebrated in Mizoram in India and this festival is celebrated during March after the completion of their most arduous task of jhum operation that is clearing jungle this is a spring festival which is largely celebrated with great favor and g gaiety

chapchar kut festival has been started since 1450 to 1700 in a village called suaipui this festival was initially originated when the hunters came back to the village with empty handed and disappointed to make this people cheerful and to also make up for the disappointment of these people the village chief proposed and impromptu faced with rich beer and meat an ever since then this festival has been repeated by everyone in the village of suaipui and has been spread to all the other villages

Chapchar kut Festival started from?

Chapchar festival was first reviewed in the year 1962 which was celebrated on a grand scale called as Aizawl but later on it was discouraged when it was felt that it did not adhere to Christian values and also re kindly the pre Christian culture practice like drinking of rice beer and it was however letter on continued in the year 1973 e on a mass scale and became a practice of the people in that particular village and even the church would remain critical for this festival

this chapchar kut the early years but this festival right now is held annually in every month of March and during this festival people of that place celebrate it by performing various dance they also performs skits and they also play musical instrument to celebrate this festival with their beloved aim of bringing camaraderie among the people

chapchar kut festival is one of the three annual festival that is celebrated in Mizoram and it has been marked as one of the great festival to be celebrated early since it has been started with different stages of agriculture cycle during the celebration of this festival they also join my maar which has a great and feasible population of mizos and they also join the ethnic cousins and they also celebrate this festival to turn the gods for saving the people from getting harmed during clearing the forest and saving them on hillslope from jhum cultivation at the beginning of every year

chapchar kut festival has been observed by a lot of people and on this day they drink and eat and enjoy this festival throughout the day at night times the young men and women will all dance together whole night and the women would come dressed wearing a vakiria it is a traditional dress that they wear on this festival day there are also chai dance the term done during this festival we find that this festival has been observed in the last part of February and it could be on the early part of March 13 and bamboos felled for jhum are left to dry

during chapchar kut festival they also do the shifting cultivators so that they can have time to relax and enjoy this day there are many dance performance that is done and celebrating this day where the dancers perform with other festival like kolam chheihlam chai and sarlamkai and so on on this day they also where the traditional dress and make different types of dance styles and performances throughout the day and specially in night all the young people celebrate by dancing and enjoying whole day by drinking and eating

chapchar kut festival is a spring festival that could be celebrated in every March and the famous thing that did do do you celebrate this festival is the perform our traditional dances and beautiful dances to enjoy this festival they also make different kinds of dishes and enjoy this feast they make rice is a staple food of museum and the people love to eat non-vegetarian food during this festival like fish chicken pork and beef all these are popular means that could be taken by the people of Mizoram

people who love eating boiled vegetables along with the rice but most of the younger than generation would like to eat nonvegetarian food and they also like to eat fried items and spicy food so on this day both the cooking will be done and this day will be celebrated throughout day and night

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