water festival

Celebration Of Water festival In South East Asia

water festival is a festival that we celebrated as a new year celebration this festival takes place especially in South East Asian Asians commonly known as Cambodia and Thailand and it is commonly celebrated in people of China this is called as water festival this is a western festival to be celebrated because the notice people splashing or pouring water one another II as a part of the cleansing ritual by this way they will come the new year and this is a traditional festival which is celebrated by lots of people gently sprinkled water on one another as a sign of respect

water festival
water festival

the celebrate this festival because this festival falls on the hottest month in South Asia and people celebrate it as a new year by celebrating it with water

this is a traditional way to celebrate this festival by this people they perform this by sprinkling water on another in the form of respect and usually, this festival falls in the hottest month in South Asia and people end up using strangers and passerby in vehicles boisterous celebration

Celebration of water festival

people celebrate this festival largely and they also believe that celebrating this festival is at of blessings pouring water is to show a blessing and good wishes the people of water festival is a festival is celebrated that everything old must be thrown away or it will bring the owner bad luck this festival is celebrated annually by water splashing this festival falls every year during the new year celebration of the calendar this festival is a most important festival observed by the ethnic people ll people of this place they also involve the celebration with him serous and light-hearted religious rituals where everyone and of this festival by getting splashed spread or doused with water

this festival is celebrated for three days and and during this festival there are two activities that will be concentrated by the fever on the banks of river on the first day they celebrate this grand festival as a mark of beginning of festival and and outdoor market will be set up

where all the locals go for New year shopping and there is also a great place to purchase many things are also local foods and snacks that are available for the travellers and it is one of the main highlights for all travelers who is going to visit this festival there are also great artist present in the market and create sand carvings on an open space which is very close to the market and

during this festival at dragon boat race is also held on a land sand river to ring out the old near han welcome new river at the banks of river which are colourful it and there are also local floods river lanterns on the river the float lanterns river is an old tradition that is made in China and it has been still preserved by many cities in China

this water festival practice has been there throughout the history and there is a practice that is thought to drive bad luck away and bring good luck on the third day when the festival is going to end the water splashing is over and on this day they put on the new and best clothes and they all together gather other local Buddhist temple

where are all the monks and these scriptures are read by almost every people after that there is a symbol of water splashing ritual which will take place where the Buddha statue is placed and the ceremony will be held out of the temple to the courtyard there is a splash with water and

this is one of the important ritual that is celebrated by China people which is called bathing the Buddha and this ritual also encourages ordinary mortals to themselves engage in mutual water splashing

this water splash in Germany is the best some money the conduct in the last third day and it is just good-natured fun this festival also contains a religious element with the water is regarded by the dull as a symbol and this is also believed that it is a religious purity and goodwill among people of China and the people who celebrate this festival also drinks good expression of desire for good luck and prosperity to the particular person who has been playing this water festival

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