Celebration Of Ugadi festival In India

this is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Hindu as per their Hindu lunisolar calendar this festival is celebrated in the states of Andhra Pradesh Telangana and Karnataka in India is the festival celebrated typically e in April of Hindu lunisolar calendar this festival is also known as samvat samadhi which means it’s the beginning of the new year of Hindu calendar there are also so another calendar Gregorian Calendar which tells about Ugadi festival
this festival is celebrated by a large number of people by drawing colorful patterns on the floor with beautiful colors and decorations the colorful pattern is called muggulu and they also do a mango leaf decoration on the doors that are called Torana
this festival is very special for especially buying and giving gifts in the form of clothes and charity to the poor they also do an oil massage and then take a bath before celebrating the festival and they also prepare food and share their special food called pachadi they also visit some of their Hindu temples by taking Pachauri which is a festival food to the temples in this way they combine all the flavors keep sweet sour salty bitter and piquant
they prepared this food to remind the people about all the flavors of experiencing life in the coming new year this food preparation done by almost all the Telugu Kannada Hindu people the most important and historic festival of Hindus is Ugadi there are also many historical inscriptions recorded in the Hindu books and they also give charity and major donations to Hindu temples and other community centers they celebrate this as a festival of the new year and beginning of happiness and joy and they will come this festival with all ors of food to address the symbolic of life experience
drive from the Sanskrit word yoga and aadi which means the beginning of new age which actually starts in late March and on early April this Ugadi is celebrated by Karnataka and Telugu people they celebrate this festival with great fanfare and gathering of family and other friends they start this as an early age of the new year they also begin their new year with ritual shower by performing the ritual popularly known as rubbing the body with perfume oil and they also do the prayers they prepare the festival through cleaning the houses and buying new clothes and though these and they also my other new items for the festivals they also decorate the gate of the entrances of their houses they decorate the house with fresh mango leaves most of the Hindus considered that mango leaves and coconut are very spacious to them they clean their houses with water and cow dung paste they also make colourful designs in front of the house by Rangoli spen with other multi colours and they also make their favourite dish called pachadi which is symbolic dish of Hindus that reminds the people for the following year and all their life experiences because this dish has all the combinations of flavours for example this dish has sweet sour salty and bitter components in it by preparing this dish they remind about the experience of life and the changes it takes place and they also address 12 to learn to put pain and pleasure in proper prospective they also make pickle with mangoes and vobatts are also made on this occasion this eatables are specially made in Karnataka and they believe that preparation with raw mango is very good for this occasion and they also make some other chutneys and combine the foods with other 6 flavours this festival is very traditional for all the people of India specially for Telugu Kannada and Hindus there is also an historic story on this Ugadi festival this Ugadi day celebrated as the end of demon called somakasura this is a person who stole Vedas from lord Brahma and hydrate under the sea then the Hindu lord like lord Brahma ask the help from the other lord called Vishnu in return of Vedas from somakasura then with the help of lord Vishnu the other lord Brahma kills the demon and takes the Vedas from him then he returns this to lord Vishnu and after this incident they started what call Ugadi which means beginning of new year for age this is the belief of most of the people that Ugadi is the beginning of new year and new age of people

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