Boryeong Mud Festival – Korean town

The Boryeong mud festival is a festival that takes place in the summer annually in the Korean town of Boryeong. This town is about two hundred kilometers south of the capital city of Seoul. The festival takes place for about a week in July. However, it is the final weekend that is the most famous and is very popular among the Western population of Korea. This festival is arguably the most popular among Korean international festivals in terms of international attendees and government spending.

Boryeong Mud Festival
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History and significance of Boryeong Mud Festival

First established in 1998, this festival was conceptualized to promote the cosmetics made from the mud of Boryeong. Boryeong mud has considered being having a high concentration of minerals (specifically germanium and bentonite). Moreover, it emits large amounts of far-infrared rays. This festival has conceptualized as a means of promoting cosmetics as mentioned earlier. Also to increase people’s awareness concerning the mud.

Due to the specificity of the theme of the festival, there was a sense of apprehension towards the probability of the success of the festival. However, the festival since then attracts tourists in the millions every year and has caused a ripple effect on the local economy, particularly for the vendors, food stalls, and homestays. The festival has garnered a reputation for attracting tourists from other countries who make up a good chunk of the participants.

Since its inception, the festival has gone on to receive many accolades from the Korean Government as well as international organizations and has received an immense amount of support from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.


The festival takes place mainly in July. Mud from the mudflats of Boryeong and brought down to the Daecheon beach and Downtown Boryeong. The festivities begin in the morning when tourists are ferried to the location. The beach houses load of mud trucks brought in from the mudflats.

The festival has both free and paid activities.

The festival offers fun activities in the form of mudflat, overcoming events and marathons. Due to its proximity to the water, the whole experience becomes more dynamic.

There are also a lot of attractions that have set up in lieu of the festival. These attractions, set up on the beachfront, include mud pools, obstacle courses, mudslides, mud skiing, inflatable playgrounds, and even mud prisons. For body painting, colored mud is also prepared.

Other attractions that are a part of the festival include a stage on the beach for performances and live music.

Keeping in mind the real purpose of the festival, a small market selling cosmetics from the mud from the mudflats of boring, have set up along the seafront. Several beauty and health clinics offer services constructed around the festival. These services range from massages to acupuncture, among many others, and utilize the medicinal qualities of the boryeong mud.

Other attractions of the festival include the ‘Black Eagles Show’ with the Korean Air Force and a slew of Parades.

The festival is concluded with a large display of fireworks.

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