Blues Festival 2020

the blues festival is one of the best blue foundations that follows the blue festival for supporting a blue business association this festival was been canceled due to the pandemic of Carona viruses from last two years and it also canceled many festivals where postponed their events due to the epidemic

Events at Blues Festival:

this festival is all about music and art

when we heard about this blues festival the blue it is easy to fall back on stereotypes and a half dozen famous artists this festival will turn on to some other truly great artist that you may not be very familiar with this day all women who were all popular and well respected in their time back in the middle of the twentieth century all the female musicians have often found themselves to be marginalized and treated as Novelty acts hair the women of different colors perform dance sing and play during this blues festival event

this blues festival is eventually accepted by almost all the talents that people have and they also play instruments with command and often they also set boundaries which are acceptable and the main subject of this blue festival will be songs and there and with their audience to relax and laugh out themselves a little

this festival is the largest festival celebrated in most of the countries and the crowd will be approximately 300 showed up and almost every person will bring food for donation this is a great event success which holds a measurable and very positive impact on both spiritually and emotionally

this festival will make a great difference and showing people kind and mercy by performing various events some events are held for nonprofits and this international board of directors has been created to look after the finance of these events this director will give all the dedication and hard work of so many people

finally will be paid off an organization will be comprised of blue span and musicians who dedicate to end hunger with music this international board of directors main mission is to simply make an end for all hunger and preserve the blues by providing a strong sense of community there are various food drive events that have been included in this blue festival tools and here are our musical season and community Jamboree

these events have been initially started years back ok and 2006 was a time when Rachel began producing charitable events in California Mexico and so on this event covered the most blues festival to 100-mile cancer vol 2 plastic bottles boost and so on at the year 2011 a series of events change the directions of their lives and then this turned their life as a soundtrack to blues later on this blue festival got upgraded again and again

for the next year Rachael produce 27 riders for 300 my bicycles right across the Mexico Peninsula then followed up by the bike ride in 2012 with an 850 MI charity walk along with the length of the Baja Peninsula by this day they finished all this right only within a few days to spare before hosting the first Baja blues festival in Baja Mexico

Blues festival has great importance and significance and it also has many histories by the time they finish this festival of riding a bicycle or riding a bike marching all the roads and process will go on and they decided to break all and re corporate again this is our short life and by this way, they started building a boat of plastic bottle to peddled on the gulf of California so that people will get to know and get an attention of a plastic waste that they do notice during their work and ultimately

we saw many people ultimately having a boat that had equipment and malfunctions and that was a return of recycled they also found in many projects and they also learn to play instruments during this events after years of producing blue festivals they operate all the local food bank that has 6 and Rachel who was one of the inspiring musicians for the people who attend all these events and they also perform various musical debate performances as a food drive to help stock the people

Hans blue festival is one of the main reasons to show people about hunger and make a strong sense of community among the people

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