Blue Film Festival

Blue Film Festival – Canada, USA, UK and Australia

The International AIDS Society and the Asian Film Festival are celebrating ten years together. The AIDS Memorial Foundation has been supporting the festival since its inception. The mission of the festival is “to promote awareness, training, information and the promotion of media professionals; that will produce an AIDS-positive film, in a global context, through the independent production”. Over the past decade, AIDS has become the most fatal disease in the Western world and this ten-year anniversary is a great time to celebrate the never ending fight against AIDS and the ten year anniversary of the first AIDS movie. This article is about Blue Film Festival – Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

AIDS Memorial Foundation

The AIDS Memorial Foundation has called for people of the world to honor those who have lost their lives because of AIDS and plan to set up a global exhibition in Tokyo to coincide with the International AIDS Society’s annual meeting. The festival is also calling for volunteers from anywhere to join the cause and show their support for the campaign. This year’s theme is “A Year of AIDS: A Global Conference on HIV and AIDS Awareness”. If you want to show your support for this important cause, or just want to participate in a fun event; the Tokyo International AIDS Society and the filmmakers behind the festival are offering a variety of events and screenings; where you can show your support for the cause.

This past weekend, the Berlin Film Festival had held at the Brandenburg Gate. There were over one hundred films showing and over a hundred film festivals taking place in over fifty countries. The Berlin Film Festival is one of the most prestigious international film festivals, with worldwide distribution rights. This was the second consecutive year that the festival had held in Berlin; this coincides with the fifty year anniversary of the outbreak of AIDS.

German Film Foundation – Blue Film Festival

The festival had organized by the German Film Foundation (DFB); with the support of the State of Berlin as well as the Federal Government. There are several projects which aim to promote the work of independent filmmakers; and increase public awareness about the AIDS epidemic in Germany. The short film competition was one of the highlights of the entire festival, attracting a wide diversity of films. More than one hundred short films from countries all over the world were competing for the top award; including original works, music and dance, documentaries, corporate videos, advertising shorts, reality television shows, visual arts, multimedia, and fiction.

Toronto International AIDS Society

The Toronto International AIDS Society is organizing the Toronto International AIDS Festival to raise funds and awareness for AIDS. Moreover, this is a unique and engaging festival which showcases films from around the globe; with a focus on the AIDS epidemic, its causes and treatment. In addition to the film events, there will be workshops, discussions, theatre tours, presentations, benefit concerts and other special events, as well as art exhibits, book launches, film festivals, family activities and much more. You are sure to find something that suits your taste at this year’s Toronto HIV AIDS Festival.

Categories of Blue Film Festival

In keeping with tradition, the festival is divided into four main categories. The first is “Noir”, which is the name given to movies that veer away from the traditional thriller/suspense fare; and instead present edgy, complex and often political subjects, dealing with issues of social change, identity and discrimination. The second category is “Noir International”, which includes movies dealing with issues; that are also related to the global AIDS epidemic and the politics surrounding it. The third category is “Noir Canada”, which showcases Canadian independent films. And finally “Noir West” is a special category that showcases movies about the Noir region of France; focusing on film noir cinema.

For those of you planning a trip to Toronto during the timeframe of the 21st century; the most exciting thing that you can do is attend the Blue Film Festival. The festival will run for two weeks between January 20th and February 7th, with a main acting and production day on January 20th, a closing day on February 7th and a preview party on February 8th. Because this festival is made up of a series of movie premiering events, it’s important to become aware of the timings of the events, so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

For the purposes of this article, I’ve divided the event into four sections, the main acting and production day, the international novelette screening day, the Canadian Independent film week and also the Noir West event. Each section will offer its own unique slate of films, which are subject to change depending on how the various producers choose to distribute them.

Toronto premiers

On April 8th, in Toronto, visitors will treated to the Toronto premiers of the movies listed above – The Counselor, Don’t Take Me Alive, I Married a Scant Girl, Don’t Take Me Alive Again, The Blind Side, Mommy, Lenny, Leaving Lice and More. The Bloomsbury Players plays a sold-out show at the Old Port Theatre, an evening of poetry and music that features works by Amy Waterman and The Omen of Change, as well as a Q&A with director Eric Clapton.

On April 14th in London, British television audiences will be treated to the BBC’s hottest new comedy – Outcast, starring Christopher Walken, who plays the title role. The same day, British film buffs will also be treated to The Royal Engineers, a British sitcom about an exploratory mission to Mars. Moreover, for the sex-positive film and music events, expect the Premiers of Beano, a dance-night at the London Palladium featuring Disclosure, Blur and Kasabian, and a concert by the world’s biggest dance band, The Specials, at the Royal Albert Hall.

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