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Bihu Festival Celebration In India 2021-22

assam’s Bohag Bihu festival is a period of festivity denotes the start of the Assamese New Year. “Bihu” is gotten from the Sanskrit word Bishu, signifying “to ask favors and thriving from the Gods” before the beginning of the gather season. It is praised more than seven days. This year it begins on April 14.

Bihu Festival
Bihu Festival

In light of the yearly climate schedule, there are three sorts of Bihu: Bohag or Rongali (April), Kati or Kartik (October), and Magh or Maghar Domahi (January). Each of the three are identified with the fundamentally agrarian culture of Assam. The April Bihu is named after the beginning month of the Assamese New Year, “Bohag”. Kati Bihu marks the continuous collect season when the yields are at a developing stage and the Magh Bihu represents the finish of the gather season.

The Bihu festival starts with Raati Bihu, when ladies accumulate in an open field and celebrate around a huge fire.

The primary day of this Bihu is known as Goru Bihu and typically falls on the last day of the active year. On this day, ranchers take their cows to a lake or waterway to give them a shower. Afterward, they apply Mah-Haldi of turmeric powder and heartbeats on the creatures and improve them with plant twigs.

The subsequent day is Manuh Bihu when individuals wear new garments and eat desserts to check the new year. The third Gosai Bihu is the day of love. On Kutum Bihu, individuals visit their family members. Senehi Bihu is saved for sweethearts who trade gifts called “Bihuwan”. The festival finishes with Mela Bihu when individuals arrange fairs.

All through the seven days, an assortment of dishes are ready and local area feasts are coordinated. It is accepted that it started when individuals began plowing the land in the Brahmaputra Valley for food.

During the Bohag Bihu, Assamese individuals, wearing their conventional clothing like dhoti, gamosa, and saadar mekhela, dance around and around singing the customary Bihu Geet.

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