Best Places To Visit In Washington DC

Washington DC is the best place to you have a trip about and to explore all the
Nation’s capital has to offer
Washington DC has most attracted museums Metro station pedal on the Potomac Anacostia river and there is much more about Washington DC
The United States Capitol and a Capitol hill
after getting a name of United States in the world and its capital is is the seat of the house of representatives and the senate its use Dom based on a dome of Saint Peter’s in Rome is just one of the best stands out above all the Washington buildings that is the most attractive doom in DC
it has great interior paintings and statues especially the paintings under the dome which is made up of iron is just pleasant and amazing the pictures on the walls the statues all resembles the history of America the marble traces give some beautiful view of the mall and city
this place is just more attractive for having an underground library this library has several statues of historic people this library is one of the largest libraries in the world this place also has beautiful interior decorations and marbles and statues of old people especially in this library there is a Guttenberg Bible written by the old people this Bible is hand-printed
The lincoln memorial
this is also one of the famous and most love statues of Washington DC this statue is based on lincoln life At its midst is a 19-foot marble statue of a seated and pensive President Abraham Lincoln encircled by 36 divisions, one for each of the nations that prevailed at the time of Lincoln’s death
there are also many paintings are found inside the voice which tells all about the life of lincoln
National mall and veteran memorial
this is also one of the memorial place of people who lost their life the great soldiers who lost their life it is in memory of the soldiers during World war 2 this place is located in the centre of Washington DC this memorial in Skype all the names of soldiers men and women who lost their life at the time of second World war
A white House
this is also one of the attractive and most beautiful spot that every tourist wants to see but there are some rules and regulation that does not allow us to visit this place because it is a residential home for president of America except for George Washington this is the official house for the president of United States of America however the visitors can visit a small part of place and we can see the great work done by the old people of the time it has a white marble architecture done
the Washington monument
this is also one of the great and tallest monument of United States of America it has 555 ft height it was constructed years ago but due to some reasons the work was stopped for several years then again it was constructed and build hence you can see the changes in the stones from between to the endpoint this monument has a beautiful sight specially when mirror in the long reflecting pool at its foot this is the great monument of America
National air and space museum
this is also a very attractive and most popular and largest museum in the world all the space activity II was first done here and the first manner on the mooner landing machine I was also done here
permanent and changing exhibition illustrate the science history and technology of aviation and space flights
national gallery of art
national gallery of art is one of the the world’s premier art museum
these are gallery is most popular in United States
national museum of naturalhistory
natural history explore the natural world with permanent and changing exhibits to interest all ages mostly the the Americans children are taken on this museum because it consists of of all the history diamond collected here the dazzling collection of of diamonds and minerals are found here so it is the most attractive place in United States of America

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