Art Festival Celebration

Art festival is a festival the two celebrated and it encompasses all wide range of art forms that are available in various countries like music dance film fine art literature poetry and also various visual arts that takes place worldwide and this art festival also feature a mix program that also include like music literature comedy children’s entertainment science or Street theatre and their also where is typical presented venues that is available over a period of time which is ranging from as short as a day or weekend to a month

Various types of art festival:

there are various art festival that are largely celebrated by an artist director who handle this organisation as an artistic direction and their and compass different genres I will also include fringe theatre festival that has an open access for making at festival distinct from Greenfield festival there are also various visual art festivals that is concentrated on the visual effects there are different types of art festival available as per the likes and as per the tradition like there is a music festival

which are outdoor musical events usually they take place for a week and their special feature number of bands and musical instruments they also include pop Rock heavy metal and much more this film festival has been started from 1960 as a world music festival which has become most popular in various countries and this music festival is most well recognised as Woodstock which took place in the year 1969 in New York and to attend this festival they were people who attended this festival and featured many performances and also participated in this event

this art festival has been one of the oldest art festivals which was started from olden days and this festival is largely celebrated by several countries and art festival mostly takes place for musical assembly and it is one of the largest festival celebrated in England

an England was the first country to celebrate this art festival in music there are different types of art festival available as per the choices of people and this art festival is an umbrella term for having multiple at festivals including painting drawing poetry music photography film and other visual styles this festival focuses mainly on ART and sometimes focusing on a specific card such as theatre and more than theatre art festival will also include theatre festival like dance festival film festival music festival and much more

this Art festival will also mainly focuses on visual art specifically in the field of of visual art such as new media art festival and this art festival has great likes and it is one of the most popular festival to be celebrated in most of the countries there are various types of festival available as a visual art and there are also many artists who participate in this type of festival as very important there are also many exhibition that is held by invitation by various organisation which has been recognised internationally as well as recognised by the chosen commity itself

this festival will represent the artist and the work they have done and by this way they also gain huge popularity and they will also show case their talent

there is also a theatre festival that is available in various countries like first drama festival which took place in the year 543 BC and this drama of festival was playwrights and poets that completed to have their place performed and they were also actors who completed to win the title for best performance and this performance where all semicircle did in an auditorium cut into hillsides and this auditorium was capable of seating 10000 to 20000 people at once

this stage consists of dancing floor and there was also an orchestra there were also addressing room available and they were also seen building area and they were all actors were typically men who were mask to their appropriate characters that they represented in that place and each play had many other several parts to showcase their talents and also make the public or the the people who came to watch more interesting

and they were also where is film festival which has been organised as an event and usually this events will be organised by a private organisation or local governments to showcase the art association and they also show films in cinemas provided by the filmmaker with great enthusiasm

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