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Ankle Bone shooting game festival 2021

this is one of the best games that is played from ancient times and this game has ancient time traditional game that this game is still played commonly in today Mongolia and there are players in dozens of games in Mongolia with ankle bones this game is also known as shanghai this includes multi-colored turtle this game also includes horse racing camel racing and ankle bone shooting there are at least four sets of difficult

and catch ankle bone games and this also includes gasing and ankle bone cooking this is a practice that has been taken from olden days and there is also a practice of fortune-telling with this ankles like ankle archery ankle bone shooting is also a traditional Rangoli sport which also includes in naadam festival

About Ankle Bone Shooting Game

ankle bone
Ankle Bone

this game has no limit on the number of players and this game has also involved in the flicking game is game also include the first ankle bone the tattoos on the ground and the players have to fix the same position ankle bone like a horse by horse or sheep by ship and so on they have to pick one of them by his or her choices and the choices must depend on which can be useful for the next shoot depending on the side in the landing

Jara ankles side by side and East side are name differently if Hampi side falls upside down and a goat it follows it falls apart and camel if Cup side falls upside down and her straight inside falls down the players will also continue to play the game until he or she touches or more other ankle bones or misses the target that they have to wait then the player whether it is he or she ships the turn to the next level

and the player who get most ankle bones will playing the game will become the winner of the game and the player will also collect less number of ankle will lose the game like a player who does not collect good number of ankle bones then he will lose the game

and there are also various rules of the game that has been discussed before hand itself like there is a whether to allow picking up ankle bones with flipped hand or not and in this case neither of the four fingers are set this game is one of the ancient time game available to play and this is one of the most traditional game that is played by various types of people and this game like mangoli

and skull bones there are made up of sheep for goats bones and they have been cleaned and polished this game is also a national pastime game this has been enjoyed by everyone like their young or old there is even a national tournaments held in this particular game usually around the time of reply to play this game there are more skilled players who played the ankle bones at a target around 10 metres away this game also has great way to interact with local nomads

this game also has great tournaments and this is one of the best ways to interact with people and if you have a trip that includes homestay then this is one of the best games to host with your families in the evening there are also used varieties and number of variations available on this game which involve closing and handful of sage into the air and how they land will also determine the animals that you have

this game involves two or more children who will act like a horse and they also raise the trainers first the race of horse and the training will select the horse

this game also has many tournaments that are held worldwide and there is also a great experience to play this game this will increase the brain capacity of every individual and it also gives you full entertainment and there are also great history and is one of the traditional game that is played throughout Central Asia and this game also involve ankle bones that is referred by the name of bones this game will be printed bright colors and all these bones can be used throughout the history and thought to be the first form of dice

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