Andhra Pradesh Festivals

Amazing Festivals In Andhra Pradesh

Here we are posting of most broadly noticed celebrations of festivals in Andhra Pradesh. In the event that you are intending to go on a productive outing to Andhra Pradesh, at that point you may coordinate your timetable as per these celebrations to see the lively culture rehearsed here. The excellence of these Andhra Pradesh Festivalsis that they are totally rejoice with enormous grandeur in the state making it a tremendous incredible sight. Allow us presently to examine in detail a portion of the popular celebration of Andhra Pradesh that may intrigue you.

  • Pongal – Observed At The Inception Of The Harvesting Season
  • Ugadi – Celebrated As The New Year’s Day
  • Vinayaka Chaturthi – Marked As The Birthday Of Lord Ganesha
  • Visakha Utsav – Amazing Cultural Festival In South India
  • Tirupati Tirumala Brahmotsavam – The Festival Of Lord Brahma
  • Lumbini Festival – Highlights Buddhist Culture
  • Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival – Biggest Art Mela
  • Deccan Festival – Dedicated to Hyderabad’s Art And Crafts And More
  • Christmas – Commemorates The Birth Of Jesus Christ
  • Diwali – The Festival Of Light
  • Maha Shivratri – A Festival Dedicated To Lord Shiva
  • Dussehra – Celebrates The Victory Of Good Over Evil

Pongal – Andhra Pradesh Festivals

Pongal or Makar Sankranti is a festival in pretty much all aspects of India. It is one of the famous collect celebrations of India. Individuals of Andhra Pradesh observe Pongal in a one-of-a-kind way. They spruce up in old characters present in their folklore, and visitors are welcomed for the gala and dispersed desserts.

The Pongal celebration is commencing for four straight days, the main day commits to consuming old articles they call the day as Bhogi Panduga, the subsequent day is Pongal is Pedda Panduga where individuals clothing themselves with new garments. The third day is Mattu Pongal and the fourth day of the celebration comes full circle with the Kanuma Panduga

Time to visit: The best and ideal opportunity to visit festivals of Andhra Pradesh for the Pongal celebration is during the mid of January. In 2021, the celebration will be praise from thirteenth to sixteenth of January.

Area: Guntur, is an unassuming community in Andhra Pradesh which observes Pongal excitedly.

Ugadi – Andhra Pradesh Festivals

Ugadi otherwise popular as Gudi Padwa in certain pieces of India is generally a celebration in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. Individuals in Andhra Pradesh observe Ugadi as the lunisolar schedule in Hinduism. Lots of delightful desserts are popular on the day like Puran Poli and Bhakshya.

Individuals follow a pattern of making a festoon of banana leaves and hang them up on the entryway. New garments, lights, and desserts followed unique PUJA (supplication) to make the day extraordinary.

Time to visit: The best and ideal opportunity to visit Andhra Pradesh for this specific celebration will be toward the finish of March consistently. In 2021, this celebration will be commencing on the thirteenth of April.

Area: Ugadi is a festival with the most energy and excitement in the city of Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

Ganesha Chaturthi

Broadly popular as Ganesha Chaturthi in Maharashtra this celebration is perhaps the most generally popular celebration of India. Since it set apart as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Individuals of Andhra Pradesh call it Vinayaka Chaturthi, Vinayaka is one of the titles of Lord Ganesha. On this amazing bubbly day, individuals of Andhra Pradesh love The Lord with leaves, blossoms, shoe glue, vermilion, kheer, and so on

The celebration closes with the inundation of the icon of Lord Ganesha into the stream as a blessed convention in Hinduism. The celebration of Lord Ganesha falls in August-September consistently and is one of the significant Andhra Pradesh celebrations.

Time to visit: The most reasonable season to encounter the Vinayaka Chaturthi in Andhra Pradesh is toward the finish of August. It continues for 11 days consistently.

Area: The most famous spot where Vinayaka Chaturthi is along with a great deal of eagerness is in Hyderabad, Kanipakam, and Machilipatnam.

Visakha Utsav

This is one of those social and acclaimed celebration of Andhra Pradesh which is coordinated by the state government. The four-day celebration began back in 1997. Individuals come in enormous numbers to observe social shows, games, conventional artworks, a presentation of pieces of clothing, blossom shops, and a few legacy visits.

Visakha Utsav turned out to be quite possibly the most popular social celebrations in South India. In the event that you love investigating societies, at that point, this celebration could be on your next rundown. Visakha Utsav is for four days in December consistently.

Time to visit: The celebration of Visakha begins before the finish of December consistently. It has a term of 4 days.

Area: The primary celebration is at R K Bridge in Visakhapatnam.

Tirupati Tirumala Brahmotsavam- Andhra Pradesh Festivals

This is a limitlessly Hindu celebration at the Tirumala Venkateswara sanctuary in Tirupati. The celebration of Lord Brahma goes on for nine days consistently in October. It is popular that Lord Brahma was the first to begin this celebration in the sanctuary. A few customs are practicing during the nine happy days in Tirupati Tirumala Brahmotsavam. On the most recent day of Brahmotsav, an enormous group comes to observe the euphoria scenes of the parade of Lord Venkateswara which passes by a few roads prior to arriving at the sanctuary.

The cycle goes on till 12 PM and the scenes at Tirumala town are consistently stunning. Tirupati Tirumala Brahmotsavam is commencing each year in the long stretch of October.

Time to visit: The celebration of Lord Brahma has a length of 10 days. It begins around September end.

Area: The city of Tirumala is where this celebration happens. The city of Tirumala has found 22 km from Tirupati.

Lumbini Festival

This Buddhist celebration is by the Department of Tourism of the state government in Andhra Pradesh. Buddhism had incredible importance in middle age Andhra Pradesh so this celebration is an exertion of the public authority to feature the Buddhist culture. The Lumbini celebration is in the locale of Hyderabad (presently the capital of Telangana) and Nagarjunasagar.

This three-day celebration festivals in Andhra Pradesh sees the footfalls of thousands of guests consistently in the period of December and is one of the significant celebrations in Andhra Pradesh.

Time to visit: The Buddhist celebration is during the period of December.

Area: Especially this celebration of festivals in Andhra Pradesh, it is profoundly in Nagarjunasagar, Hyderabad.

Rayalaseema Food & Dance Festival

This the greatest Art Mela in festivals of Andhra Pradesh devoted to Crafts, Food, and Cultural Dances. Individuals of the Chittoor locale accumulate at the Rayalaseema area to be important for incredible shows and presentations. In 2016 Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival was in the best 5 Indian Food and Art celebrations.

This celebration is in each year in October, which is the prime merry season. Individuals who are partial to social moves or food wind up arriving in the Rayalaseema area to observe a portion of the interesting types of moves, cooking styles, and artworks.

Time to visit: The ideal opportunity to encounter this fabulous celebration is during the period of October.

Area: The city of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh commends this food and dance celebration principally during the long stretch of October.

Deccan Festival

Deccan Festival is perhaps the most celebrated and well known celebration of Andhra Pradesh. It is a multi-day long celebration in numerous significant spots in Hyderabad. The celebration is committed to Hyderabad’s specialty, cooking, and culture.

The evenings during this time have different social projects like dance exhibitions, verse meetings. Held in the long stretch of February or March, in the event that you end up visiting this time make a point to encounter this lively celebration and purchase a couple of novel things like Hyderabadi pearls.

Time to visit: Hyderabadi celebration is during the period of February or March

Area: Deccan Festival is at Qutub Shahi Tombs, Hyderabad


Christmas isn’t just a significant celebration for individuals of Andhra Pradesh yet for the whole world. Since it is to celebrate the introduction of Jesus Christ on Earth. The day flawlessly begins tuning in to the congregation ensembles depicting the frightened deeds of Jesus.

Numerous meals and fairs are likewise during this time in the state. What makes the Christmas one of a kind in Andhra Pradesh is that the Syrian Christians notice this celebration with bright umbrellas, all around embellished elephants, and deep strict rhythms.

Time to visit: It begins on Dec 24th eve and finishes before the finish of Dec 25th

Area: Across all the spots in Andhra Pradesh


Diwali is another celebration with much excitement in Andhra Pradesh. Otherwise popular as the Festival of Light, it is quite possibly the main Hindu celebrations popular all around the planet on the new moon day popular as Amavasya. During this astounding time, you can discover a ton of firecrackers. However, the strength of the celebration is the scrumptious Diwali desserts of this state and the fairs which are directed at different spots. It is among the most popular celebrations of India.

Time to visit: It is commended on the new moon day festivals in Andhra Pradesh. However, it begins around in the long stretch of October or November

Area: Across all the spots in Andhra Pradesh

Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri is a celebration devoted to Lord Shiva and is praised the evening of Krishna Chaturdashi. Also, individuals quickly on this day and visit the sanctuaries to offer their supplication. However, plenty of shows and exhibitions are showcase the sanctuaries around evening time. Since, it is accepted to be probably the most seasoned celebration of Andhra Pradesh.

Time to visit: It is praised on the thirteenth or the fourteenth day of the dim portion of Phalgun that falls generally during the long stretches of February or March

Area: The Kalahasteshwara Temple and Bharamarambha Malikarjunaswamy Temple are two most significant sanctuary to offer petitions


The celebration of Dussehra is prevalently known as Vijayadashami and Dasara in the south. Since Vijayadashami is commended for 10 days where individuals offer their appreciation to Goddess Durga. However, individuals of the state visit the sanctuary of Goddess Durga and wear wonderful customary clothing types.

Time to visit: It is praised on the thirteenth or the fourteenth day of the dim portion of Phalgun that falls generally during the long stretches of February or March

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