All About Onam festival Celebration

Onam is a festival of harvest that is being celebrated in Kerala every year and this festival is also celebrated by the Malayalee community all across the world according to the Gregorian calendar
the Malayali people celebrate this festival on 22nd Nakshatra which falls in August and they celebrate this festival for 10 days till Thiru Onam comes to the Malayalam considered that this is one of the most spacious days in their life so this is the festival mostly celebrated in Kerala because in Kerala there are more Malayalees than any other place
Onam festival is being celebrated as the Malayali people believe that it has to be celebrated to commemorate King Mahabali who was one of the descendants of Brahman Sage named Kashyap and his grandson was Prahlada even he had a great-grandson whose name was hiranyakashipu
this festival especially falls on harvest time so this is one of the Kerala harvesting festivals they celebrate Onam as a grand annual Homecoming of their King Mahabali according to the scriptures on this day their King Mahabali return to Kerala on the first day of their festival Onam during this festival Kerala people celebrate this festival by decorating their houses with yellow flowers and these yellow flowers are known as Pookalam
they also decorate their houses and clean the entire home for the second day of Onam and they also make another layer of this flowers Pookalam
on this festival, the people in Kerala and the Malayalam all around the world gather with their family members and they also exchange gifts with each other it could be jewelry or annakodi
the people in Kerala considered this as one of the most spacious days of Onam they also make delicious fourth that food is called Onam Sandhya this food will be prepared on the fourth day of the festival
there will be a holiday on this day and schools will remain shut all the kids will participate in preparation for the prayers and they also make dance performances which will be held and begin all over the place in that state
they make a statue of their King mahabali and vimana they clean this diverter place and this will be done on the 8th day of Onam they also put the flowers which are known as porkalam on the center of of the diet they make their traditional means and buy some gifts fruits and vegetables on this day
people exchange gifts with each other and offer prayers to each other they also make this a special feast
people will gather together and celebrate by wearing sarees and other type of jewellery and exchange gives with each other they gather in large number of people and perform the special feast specially on the fourth day de facto cleaning the temple and placing the flowers to the dietary they clean the place of their King mahabali after returning journey of him after the departure they clean all the flowers of that festival and this will be the conclusion of Onam festival there are also many other activities performed during this festival people enjoy with each other uh by praying and exchanging gifts they also do dance performance and there will be also a boat races in many districts any tourist who go to Kerala during this festival time will have a good views an amazing time to spend in Kerala because there are various number of programs held by malayalees on this particular day they also make delicious food to offer the diety called mahabali and they also make family gathering with each other II and make one of the best and specious day during this festival they pray to their King mahabali e2 to accept all their wishes and and give them good harvesting time they welcome the King mahabali with great decoration and great enthusiasm hence this festival is widely celebrated by people in Kerala as well as the people were staying out of the country e who are typically malayalees they will perform all the rituals and tradition of cleaning wearing new clothes exchanging gifts and other activities which has to be done especially on this festival so this is one of the auspicious festival celebrated especially in Kerala

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