All About Navratri festival Celebration In India

Navratri is a most important festival which is largely celebrated in West Bengal this festival is celebrated in honor of Durga and people in West Bengal also do Durga Puja on this festival
Navratri is celebrated all across India and people celebrate this festival for various things that they consider and the most important thing they do on this festival is they held a Durga Puja which is one of the major festival held in honor of the divine feminine Navratri occurs over the nine days of the month called Ashwin according to their Gregorian calendar
this usually falls in September and October this festival ends with wither and this is celebrated on the 10th day of Ashwin this festival will be celebrated in almost all parts of India and Dussehra is considered as one of the focal points of this festival celebrate this festival for 10 days long and the last day will be of Dussehra that is the end of the festival this usually depends on the lunar calendar and in some years it will be celebrated for 8 days and the ninth day will be the dasher according to various calendars this is an early autumn festival so it is called as Sharad Navratri which is known as the most significant
Navratri is celebrated according to their traditions and various regions it differs from one among themselves because different people in India celebrate it in a different way for many people this is a time of reflection and fasting for the religious belief and the others do dances and feasting on this day fasting customs observed there is also a strict vegetarian diet during this festival they stay away from alcohol and certain spices dance are performed which is specially known as garba special in Gujarat this is the typical festival for 9 days dedicated to different aspects of the ultimate divine feminine which is also known as Shakti e and they perform on a different styles theme of this festival is this festival focuses Maine on goddess Durga and the second goddess will be Lakshmi and the final last goddess will be Saraswati they offer them food made to the goddess and they perform certain rituals to honour this diet is one of the more significant ritual de do on this occasion is there do a Kanya Puja which is held on 8th day on ninth day of this festival for this ritual all the young girls have to be dressed well and they have to be arranged as a nine goddesses and celebrate this Navratri and worship the diet with ritual foot washing and then give them good offerings and and grant them food and clothing
there are a large number of followers for goddess Durga especially in Bengal and Assam they do Durga Puja by making and decorating Durga commemorative re as a victory over the buffalo headed Mahishasura and then there will be worshiped on the 10th day of Dussehra they also make use for sessions to nearby rivers and reserve wires to immerse the dietary in the water and they also perform family Puja and other various rituals and celebrate this festival will also be included in public concerts recitations they also perform various types of dance and greet each other
during the eight days, they perform Durga Puja Delhi big diety of the Durga Puja, and all the people in public places do great gatherings and offer prayers to goddess Durga the main thing they do on the 10th day is the time of Dussehra they celebrate Dussehra and belief that at the time of Dussehra there will be a triumph which is done on 10th day that is the victory of good over evil and it is also associated with the victory of their God Rama over the demon called Ravana and it has various biopics according to their books the main thing they do follow is Durga victory over Mahishasura and Rama victory over demand Ravana these are one of the main highlights of this festival some also does a bone fire of Ravana and this will be the climax of the festival they make a big statue of Ravana mask him and then the climates is done by burning the huge effigies of the demons

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