All about Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Of India

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most important and popular festival celebrated by Hindu it is Hindu God Ganesh birthday and this festival is celebrated by Hindus around the world during this festival they celebrate this as playing singing and dancing and the big deity of Ganesh will also be found at the back or behind the people as they perform dancing playing and singing it’s very easy to recognise this God Ganesh because he was very famous around the world for his elephant head This made him to look special by having an elephant head and he had all the wisdom and loyalty and compassion of an elephant and his large ears means he can clearly hear the lives of people there are many idols kept in most of the Hindu homes and there are also many other Hindu Gods and Goddesses that we can find in most of the The Homes because they believe that Ganesh is the remover of all obstacles and they bring him home and they pray for him by doing many rituals and also some events to take his blessings and to make things go smoothly
as we know that most images of Ganesh Will Be Holding some sweets call laddu this laddoos are very favourite and delicious they offer Ganesh with this delicious fruit as a treat and they are also made at home fore people to eat during this festival many Hindu diabetes will also write a special vehicle or amount in the form of animal and we see this God Ganesh with different animal mount but one thing is very common to see with Ganesh is that there is a little more around his leg it is not common or ordinary because there is also one story related to this mass there was an evil demon that was fought by Ganesh and he was able to trap then the demon from me to carry Ganesh wherever he went from that day on so as he promised one day Ganesh had to raise his brother karthikeya to see who would be e the winner so that he will be selected to take care of the people on earth while they had race around the universe the first one came back to win then his brother Karthik thought there was no way he could lose he had a speedy peacock Mount and Ganesh and only a mouse then his brother karthikeya took off as soon as the race weekend but Ganesh slowly circle his parents when she finished circle in them he said I ended there is the Gods were looking very anxious didn’t understand anything then Ganesh explain to them with the loved and respected way he told that parents I circled you because I have circled his entire universe the Gods decided Ganesh has shown wisdom and reality show he was then choosen to be one of the got to take care of the people on earth
Vande Ganesh was writing a poem while he was speaking with sage Vyasa spoke with him as he was writing his pen suddenly broke but he agreed to write the poem without stopping so he broke off his touch and use that to continue writing this was one of the explanations of why Ganesh is always shown with broken tusk as he was writing poem please tusk I was broken he broke it to continue in the poem without any stop
there is also another story e off Ganesh about his birthday once he went for a feast on his birthday and he began to eat so many laddus that he toppled over when he was trying to get up and after saying this situation of him the moon laughed at him seeing this curious Ganesh cause the moon and curse the people who looked for the moon on this day so it is still believed by various Hindus that especially on this day if anyone looks at the moon they believe that it is unlucky for the people who look at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi hence there are millions of people who celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi festival very popularly and it is one of the famous festivals celebrated across many Hindus around the world and also in India Maharashtra is one of the best places where we find this festival to be celebrated enormously

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