all about the Diwali festival

Diwali festival is of lights and it’s been celebrated all over India they celebrate this festival for five day festival of lights Diwali is one of the biggest festivals that would be celebrated in India as an India’s biggest holiday Diwali is India’s most important festival of the year they ban the crackers to light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance and good over evil this festival is celebrated by millions of people across India and during this festival people pray feast fireworks family gatherings and other charitable giving is also done it is celebrated by most of the Hindus they celebrate it as the beginning of New year
during this festival, the,e people brightly burn the clay lamps and they line up outside their homes that look very attractive and amazing
Diwali falls mostly e on October 9 November according to the Hindu lunar calendar
this festival is not only celebrated by Hindus but it is also celebrated among Jain 6 and Buddhists each has a different origin story for their religion and it has its historical narratives behind this holiday the ultimate purpose of this Diwali is to represent the victory of good over evil and it is one of the most significant festivals of doing this is called the festival of lights during this festival people repair good foods and they also decorate their houses clean their houses special candles and lamps are being brought to the colors of the home and the most important fireworks are also busted by the people
there are many historical events for this celebration most of the people believe that in North India that this festival is commenced on their Prince Rama triumphant return to the city of Ayodhya after having 14 years of exile because of his stepmother who did plotting against him and it is also believed that this was a day where there was a hero 1 rescue for his wife Sita and it is also said that it was an incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi who was also been kidnapped by the enemy King Ravana
but in South India it is believed that Diwali honors the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon king narakasura who was in jail or imprisoned for 16000 women in his palace and matted out Harsh punishment to any of his subjects who you put a stand against him and in western India, this festival is celebrated as a visionary banishment of Kimberly who was immense power had become a threat to the gods to the underworld there are different stories for celebrating this festival as per their concepts and history
beyond all these history stories which is being held by most of the parts of Hindus it is a celebration of Hindu goddesses for wealth and good fortune the goddess Lakshmi this is also coincident with the last harvest before the winter and they also pray for goddess Lakshmi for a good fortune and many Hindus considered this is one of the great days for them to start a new business and start any of the financial investments as they believe this is their New year
however, people celebrate this according to their region and Diwali differs from region to region but the common things all the people do on this particular day is there make an abundance of sweets they also do a family gatherings and they also light up clay lamps and this light it symbolizes the inner light that protects each household from spiritual darkness
this festival is generally celebrated for five days and they pray for goddess Lakshmi big sweets and also clean their homes they decorate their homes with lamps and also with Rangoli they make very beautiful designs on the floor with colored sand powder rice and other flower petals people also go to temples to honor Lakshmi and gather with their friends and other family relatives for this feast and the ban the crackers and fireworks during this day people were new clothes and they also exchange gifts and well wishes to the dear ones
Diwali has become one of the biggest holy seasons especially in India and there are also many other communities out of India that hates this celebration of Diwali
Hence Diwali is one of the biggest festivals to be celebrated by most Hindus and also followed by other religions as per their religious perspective

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