Aids Day -Origin of World Aids day

Aids Day is annually on 1st December every year. In 2021 This will be on Wednesday. It is widely popular as World Aids Day. This is a special day that is commemorated to create and spread awareness among the people.

Aids Day
Aids Day

Festivals spreads joy, happiness, excitement in the life of human beings. It fills colors and somehow makes the life of a human being interesting as well as colorful.

Festival are necessary events in the life of human beings. But celebrating and remembering few special days are very important as they create and spread awareness in the masses.

Festival helps us to bring and binds people close to each other. Festivals in every religion spread positivity and the message of victory of good over evil. Festival enlightens a person spiritually. It also spreads kindness, love, and many other things all over the world.

Celebration of festivals, some special days, and other national holidays may vary from one place to another. The way of the celebration depends upon the region. It also exhibits the culture, tradition, customs, and heritage of the country.


Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is popularly known as Aids. It is a chronic disease. This has a low spreading rate, but it is a life-threatening disease in human beings.

It is not a directly caused disease. It is a result of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). However, it destroys immunity in human beings. The person suffering from aids or HIV gets transmission by a small change in the atmosphere or climate.

The transmission from one human being to another are through various body fluids. Blood, Saliva, and other body fluids are most common. It cannot be spread by touching, sharing a commonplace, sharing common bathrooms, restrooms, food, or by shaking hands with each other.

HIV, Aids is an old infection. Even though being in the 21st century we humans are unable to find any vaccine or cure for this infection. Still, research work is going on in many places on this planet.

It will be taking more than that 1 or 2 decades. However, we would be able to find, discover the vaccine or a solution for HIV/AIDS day.

The most common symptoms of this infection include Fever, Rash, Headache, Muscle aches and joint pain, cough, Night sweets, Sore throat, swollen lymph glands, weight loss, painful mouth sores, and many more.

Origin of Aids Day:

Aids Day was first celebrated in 1988 as World Aids Day. It was the one which a huge step to creating awareness among people all over the world.

It is a necessity that is observed to create awareness about many sexually transmitted diseases. This is one of the most important steps took by the government to educate aware it’s generally masses.

Worlds Aids Day is celebrated in many countries. Various Non-Governmental organizations too run many awareness programs. These organizations are running along with the government to defeat and eradicate this infection.

Why Should we observe Aids Day in India?

India has the second-largest population, only behind China. India is among the top countries that have the most number of cases and deaths due to the infection. it has the third-largest HIV Epidemic. However, in India, 2.1 million people suffer from HIV/Aids infection.

In India the disease is spread in the densely populated areas, sex workers of many cities, and men who have sex with the same gender. In India, if we ignore this issue then it will be a big problem for sure.

To avoid this condition becoming more serious, we all should take the necessary steps that are needed. India is a large country with a large population, for spreading awareness among each person and in every place will take a lot of time.

We should learn from our previous mistakes and should be prepared to face the problem before it becomes huge.

India has many neighboring countries including Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, China, and Myanmar. Compared to its neighbor’s India had made better progress in the prevention of Aids.

In India Government is providing free antiretroviral treatment for many various classes of people. But it should increase its availability and the number of centers it had made available.

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In India, it is a big thing to get affected by it. Somehow we have one of the largest numbers of registered cases. We should stop seeing every person as the culprit as it can also spread by blood transfusion. Due to some medical negligence, or it can also be caused by accidentally coming in contact with human fluids.

We should deal with the issue with more precaution, safety, emotions, and others. Also we should deal with this problem with kindness and love.

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