About Kings Day Festival

this festival is celebrated in Dutch according to the social calendar it is a typical year and this festival also has national holiday and this is the most and miscible event Dutch the people of Dutch celebrate this festival by walking down the street and holding the dash National flags in blue white and red they also have this flats from the Windows and balconies they also Orange flags and bonds they offer the honor to the Dutch Royals and we also see and orange decoration in front of windows and balconies of everyone’s houses they also their Orange T-shirt and get in the spirit of Kings day
this festival Kings day will be celebrated all across Dutch and this is the occasion for sweet pastry and orange icing there will be a delicious pastry with the creamy feeling and orange bright icing on top of it this is one of the best sweet we find it on this day that is that festival of King’s day this festival is most popular and the sweets will be available in all the supermarkets aur any bakeries this is the year for everyone another exciting thing about this festival is they make Tompouce with pink or white icing instead of orange
these temples are based on the French confectionery in other words it is a thousand layers but it stems from Admiral Tompouce
on this day the people in the Dutch celebrate the birthday of king Willem-alexander and this day there will be a national toast where everyone raises a glass to King William Alexander 21 and his birthday
and they also join with other friends toast each other II and they also do a video call with friends and party e with all friends on this kings day they also drink virtual drinks in orange outfits and they celebrate this day with your fullness and with great enthusiasm
this is marked as one of the special days to make king’s days most memorable and exciting they also have special games for kids playgrounds will be focal points in that cities and towns so that the families can come with their kids and enjoy to see the playing of their children there will be also fun activities to make children busy and make them play on their own spaces they have also arrange Scotts to perform fun activities for children in the Netherlands
all the elder citizens of Netherlands will be invited to write few things about their king and also share the life experience of how they are finding their life in this Netherlands and all the selected letters will be complied in a book that will be presented to the king on his birthday but due to covid-19 this last two years we’re not that good for these people to celebrate kings day because everywhere they were distance maintaining n sitting in their homes and cheers in this day just being at home as we know that this day is celebrated as a king’s birthday of Dutch country the king himself visit several cities with his family and on this day the people of Dutch celebrate this day bye decorating streets and making children games to play they celebrate this day by wearing orange t-shirts because the Dutch royal family bears the name house of orange which means orange colour so as a result this colour became holland’s national colour so on kings day people wear Orange clothes and and even does make ups and wings on the faces and on this special day people are allowed to sell things on the streets without money it will be free and it will be held near the markets and streets and are the parts also they offer people with refreshments and they also sing and dance all over the streets and celebrate this day as a feast and they also do the celebration all over the night they also make a toast to the king with orange bitter and share with their friends and family members hence kings day is the biggest feast in Dutch where people enjoy and have amazing experience during this day

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