About Ayodhya Pooja- Variation and Significance

This Ayodhya Pooja is very specific and it is done in several parts of our countryThis Ayodhya Pooja is a part of the Navratri festival and it is one of the traditional festivals of Hindu people celebrated in India this festival is also called Astro Puja which means worship of instruments

this festival on Puja is celebrated in Tamilnadu Telangana Andhra Pradesh Karnataka Mysore and Kerala

Reason to celebrate Ayodhya Pooja and date:

this festival falls on the 10th day of the bright half of the moon cycle it falls on every 15th day of September October this festival has more popularity because this festival is celebrated after Dussehra Navratri and Durga Puja Puja is done on the 10th day of the Dushre the Dussehra festival

Ayodhya Pooja festival is basically celebrated to worship the weapons and tools and in this festival in the demon king Mahishasura after seeing the demon king the celebration of this Puja is done after the killing of Mahishasura and they worship for the weapons by keeping them under the Durga goddesses and this festival is observed by all parts of the country especially in South India states this Puja is celebrated very widely and it is popularly known as Ayodhya Puja

Variation of Ayodhya Pooja :

there are various variations to worship this Ayodhya Puja the main and most significant principle of this festival is to do Shakti goddess worship and they also worship Saraswati during Ayodhya Puja it is said to be that this users are one of the goddess of wisdom arts and literature they also worship Lakshmi who is known as the goddess of wealth and they also follow Parvati Puja where the belief to be the divine mother and apart from this various Puja is there worship

various types of equipments and weapons this festival aur Ayodhya Puja is all about worshipping weapons that has been provided to soldiers for or army and various tools will be reversed by editions

this full Ayodhya Pooja has meaningful custom and the main focus of India is to gain the attention of one’s profession related to tools and equipment provided to them because divine force is working behind to have a wealth of platform and also achieving proper rewards

according to today’s developed and cultural society e and as per the modern science this is making a last impact on the scientific knowledge and industrial base in India

as they worship all the equipment and tools from the old religious order they also worship computers and other typewriters during this Ayodhya Puja

this Ayodhya Pooja has great popularity and it is one of the old traditions celebrated by most of the Hindus all across the country this is the instruments Puja which is followed by almost all people across India

this Puja is a part of the Navratri Dussehra festival

after performing all the ancient traditions and rituals in festivals like Dussehra the royal family in the palace also performed this Ayodhya Puja as a part of Dussehra inside the palace ground there are many rituals observed on this day this is the first date worship the weapons on maha Navami this festival aur Puja is followed on the night is day and the tradition by their olden people in Hindu religion there is a tradition of breaking pumpkin in the palace ground

after making Ayodhya Pooja and breaking the pumpkin all the weapons are carried to the golden palanquin to the Bhuvaneswari temple this is one of their old and traditions which is followed in Mysore state and this traditional festival is stretched by the Vijayanagara empire and they followed this until the density of Raja wodeyar who was the wise king of Vijayanagara rule

King wodeyar introduced the practice of the Dussehra festival in Mysore and he also start celebrating Navratri as per the rules set by King himself and there is also a darbar of maharaja set to perform this pooja in the temple and the palace precincts  

this Ayodhya Pooja was performed by the maharaja himself as a tradition they also perform Ayodhya Pooja in related small villages by sacrificing a sheep and smearing  the block part which ship blood

in Kerala awesome people celebrate this festival called Ayodhya Puja aur Saraswati Puja as the 10th day of Pooja ceremony and they also worship this Puja following two days which also involve opening and closing of Puja includes musical instruments vehicles machines and all implements that help one to a livelihood

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